Remember SEMC Blog leaked “Stainless steel, chrome finish and crocodile leather“? Yes? Today Sony Ericsson presented it to us! It’s Bluetooth Watch Collection MBW-200. Collection include: elegant watches MBW-200 Contemporary Elegance, classic watches MBW-200 Evening Classic and very beautiful watches MBW-200 Sparkling Allure. Remember collection MBW-150, that Sony Ericsson announced more than one year ago? MBW-200 is same collection, designed specially for women. First and second watches also can buy mens. MBW-200 – water resistant watches with Auto-pairing™ and long battery time. MBW-200 has small OLED-display, where you can find battery indicator, time/date and mobile number of calling person. And now more about this collection.


MBW-200 Contemporary Elegance
Elegant watches with double security clasp and stainless steel bracelet. MBW-200 Contemporary Elegance include red minute hand and crystal decor. This elegant watches you can buy with special stainless steel case.

MBW-200 Evening Classic
Classic watches with classic design. MBW-200 Evening Classic has simple design: black dial and black crocodile leather strap. Bonus – stainless steel case. Good present for businesswoman.

MBW-200 Sparkling Allure
Very beautful watches with nice texture. Strap – real crocodile leather. MBW-200 Sparkling Allure has rose gold hands and rose gold rim around display. Don’t forgot chrome finish of dial! Perfect present for your girlfriend.

Bluetooth Watch Collection MBW-200 will be available in the stores from Q4, 2008. Thats all for today. Now wait for next Sony Ericsson announcement in October.


  1. What the hell? Is that all? I thought it was a Nokia 8800 competitor. How about SE release some phones that are worth buying rather than some shit watches that nobody will buy. No wonder they are going down, which is quite a shame because they used to make great phones once upon a time……..

  2. Bluetooth watch for women ?!? What for ? How many of those watches SE expects to sell ? Did SE even made a market research ?
    Honestly, look around you, ask your friends, family of the beautiful sex if they would buy such a gizmo ?

  3. Is the girl on the left side of the top picture (in white dress) Ágnes Szávay, the Hungarian tennis palyer? 

  4. My wife usually keeps the phone in her purse. Sometimes she doesn’t hear when it rings. Or she cannot dig it out in time before the phone stops ringing. With this watch she will, as long as she pairs it with her phone, always be notified of calls. Can even keep her phone on silent, and still get that little vibration on her wrist. I’ve got the MBW-150 myself. The best gadget I ever bought. Specially when moneytoo over at XDA-developers have developed software that ports this to windows mobile and gets over 40 functions on it, including e-mail text etc.

  5. On the third day of the Sony Ericsson event (the ‘Bluetooth anniversary’), when the group of journalists / bloggers was reduced to 15 people (UK, Spain and Benelux) they showed us another new Sony Ericsson product. Of course we weren’t allowed to take pictures but I made a raw sketch of it: http://www.mobilecowboys.com/gadgets/177

    Ron Smeetss last blog post..Sony Ericsson ‘BoomBox’ in the making