Quantum of Solace


Quantum of Solace

Do you remember, that in some films, developed by Columbia Pictures, we can see some Sony Ericsson phones? For example, Da Vinci code and Casino Royal. In Da Vinci code we have seen W850i before announcement. At the 7th of November in theatres will be premiere of next film about James Bond – Quantum of Solace. In this film we’ll also see phones from Sony Ericsson. Today, one month before release of film Quantum of Solace, SEMC Blog post info, about which character has which phone. So, lets go!

James Bond phone:
Quantum of Solace –          C902 in limited Titanium Silver colour


Bond girl phone:
Quantum of Solace –          W350W350 in Graphic White colour


M phone:
Quantum of Solace –          G700 Business EditionG700 in Mineral Grey colour


Matthus phone:
Quantum of Solace –          G700G700


CIA phone:
Quantum of Solace –          W910W910


Villiers phone:
Quantum of Solace –          G700G700


Green (new character):
Quantum of Solace –          G900G900


Elvis (new character):
Quantum of Solace –          W595sW707 (Alicia)


C902 and W350 are main phones, while others are additional phones. I don’t know what Sony Ericsson will be do with a cancelled W707 (Alicia). Sony Ericsson cancelled it in July.

Quantum of Solace

Sony Ericsson also prepared for us special version of C902. It is C902 Titanium Silver. New limited edition of C902 has stylish titanium colour and it comes in special promo-box. C902 Titanium Silver has exclusive embedded content inside the phone:

Quantum of Solace videos (trailer, behind the scenes video)
– Special themes
– Five wallpapers (including a James Bond & his girl image)
– Two animated wallpapers
Quantum of Solace java-game
– Music and voice tones

Perhaps, in the box also will be available special accessory. Other phones from Quantum of Solace collection also comes with embedded content.


  1. W707 (Alicia) ?!
    what what what!! Really?
    I really do hope they release this phone, I love it!

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