Twiggy – new Walkman handset

Twiggy – new Walkman handset


Twiggy - new Walkman handset

Meet the new Walkman handset – Twiggy. Twiggy is a thin Walkman phone for 2009 year and it is successor of well-know Walkman flip-phone W350. Twiggy has same as W350 flip design, but features are more high: 240×320 screen, Walkman player 3.0, 3.2-Mp camera. If W350 has 4 colours, Twiggy has only 2 colours. Main colour – black with green parts. Twiggy will be released at the beginning of Q2, 2009. Sony Ericsson planning, that Twiggy will be most popular handset in 2009. By the way, 2009 is year of Walkman phones.


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