Questions and Answers


Questions and Answers

And here is answers for your questions. I choose 16 favorite questions. I hope, you will be glad. Thank you very much!

Q: SE still developing UIQ hp? When will we see the latest UIQ phone be announced? (by Michael Chen)
Q: Will be announced Next UIQ platform? (by IVA)
Q:  Will SE Continue using UIQ platform in their phones? (by Mobin)
Q: Can we expect any UIQ (4 maybe) or something more touch optimized on the next phones in the next announcement? (by Legen)
A: Don’t know. I think, Sony Ericsson stop developing UIQ.

Q: When Sony Ericsson announced next Touch Walkman? (by IVA)
A: Touch phones from Sony Ericsson will be available next year.

Q: Is it true that swivel form factor is comming back in SE mobiles? (by Santa)
A: No, that’s untrue.

Q: When we can see really new SE? (Not only some “facelifts” and so on). When we can expect new platform? (Kate, Filippa, Rika etc. – A200?) (by J.Havrlant)
A: I think, it’s too early to talk about new platform. Kate, Filippa, Rika have A2 platform.

Q: Does SE will continue to make some Walkman/Cybershot, etc or they’ll really going to stop this segmentation and make all their mobile “all in one” ? (by Joel.)
A: Yes, Sony Ericsson will continue to make Walkman and Cybershot headsets. Walkman phones with good media-player and Cyber-shot phones with good camera. Sony Ericsson already announced “all in one” phone. It’s W902, where we can see good media-player + good camera.

Q: Will they update k800/k810? (by kei)
A: Yes. Kate is update of K800/K810. Kate has same features and same design to K800/K810.

Q: Have walkman 4.0 ?? (by wang)
A: That’s true. Walkman 4.0 is real!

Q: Would there be a walkman based on the X1? (by synn)
A: I think, no. Can you imagine Walkman phone with QWERTY-keyboard and WM-based?

Q: Will Sony Ericsson upgrade the camera for non-Cybershot phone? (by samehada95)
A: Yes. In 2007 Sony Ericsson announced W960 (first Walkman with 3.2-Mp camera). In August, 2008 Sony Ericsson presented to us W902 with 5-Mp camera (first Walkman with 5-Mp camera). In 2009 Sony Ericsson also upgrade camera for Walkman brand.

Q: Will there be coming more FW Updates to: K850i, W910i, W890i, W960i, K660i, Z770i? (by Dongk2008)
A: 2008 models already have successors K850i – C905, T650i – T700, W580i – W595, W910i – W705. Successors of W890i, K660i and Z770i coming later (if they available). W960i doesn’t have direct successor.

Q: Any chance of Sony Ericsson dropping that ugly and bulky Fastport, and adopting normal micro/mini-USB? (by José Carlos)
A: No chance to full dropping. Only in some models Sony Ericsson can change fast-post to mini-USB. For example, J132 and X1.

Q: How can SE already be planning/releasing a C905 successor [Hikaru] when the C905 has only just started selling? (by FMW300i)
A: Hikaru isn’t C905’s successor. Even if Sony Ericsson planning a C905’s successor, it will be released only one year later after C905’s release.


  1. Am sorry but your responses to the questions are disappointing. Your have not provided anything new, and you seem to be specualting or even answering them with (your)reasoning rather than actual backed facts. Could you please revisit them

  2. @ Legan:

    Sony Ericsson has stated in the Symbian show that they will stop developing UIQ.  As far as we know of, there is no touch Sony Ericsson phone in the next announcement, but that may change.  Stay tuned.

  3. @Legen Sorry, man. But what I can say about next UIQ announcement, if Sony Ericsson really stop UIQ developing. If I receive something new about UIQ (about new UIQ phones), I will post it.

  4. The same platform (A200) means, that we can except the same UI with another model designs and specifications. Development in this way is more then necessary. To write some review of last model is harder and harder. Shame.

    J.Havrlants last blog post..Konec Symbianu UIQ