New flash-themes


Here are some flash-themes from new Sony Ericsson phones: T700, W595 and W902. You can download zip-files, where available theme + flash-menu + standby-image. Standby-image you can use at your A2-phone.


T700 Crystal Spark


T700 Sequinity


T700 Whisper



W595 Connecto


W595 Pastelle


W595 Splatta  



W902 Earth


W902 Grape


W902 Jet


  1. Can I use stanby image fo my K850i? Btw, how can I install these flash them for K850i? Thank you!

  2. thankyou for the files maximys!

    could you tell me/us the best way to install these?  🙄 i have the pc suite intsalled and have tried a copy of the splatta theme previously, that didn’t seem to work on the flash menu, despite having the included flash menu file.  :-S   your help would be certainly appreciated.


  3. Hello Maximys,

    I can use both standby and themes on my K850i. It’s really GREAT!!!! The last thing is it will be greater if you can tell me how can i use these flash menus on my K850i? Many thanks to you for themes and JonnyX clips.

  4. Hello Maximys, we need to pay 20E to unlock our phone for have these themes ??
    Sorry for my bad english…lol

  5. These look fab on my W760. I used A2uploader and it works a dream. The flash menus even configure themselves with the correct icons i.e. location services for my phone.
    Thanks for the upload 😆

  6. Can anybody please figure it out whether these theme work or not in W890i? I just tried some of the theme in my W890i and some are works but others didn’t works meaning that the theme are installed perfectly but when i tried to select the menu (eg. message, contacts etc…), it just freeze my phone. ;-(

  7. Actually….i’m very happy right now because i’m able to put some flash theme in my W890i by using A2 Uploader.
    Here are the list of the flash theme that i tested and it works in my W890i:
    1. digitize
    2. lighttrace
    3. sequinity
    4. red carpet
    5. clero
    6. compo
    7. piano
    8. precision

  8. HEY!:P 
    thanks alot for the themes. They work perfectly for my W980(of cus with the help of A2 uploader)
    Most of the flash themes found on the net dun work with my phone prob cus my phone uses newer flash themes(flashlite 1.1) but these themes here work perfectly! THANKS LOADS, once again. 8) 

    pls upload more themes that work on my phone!! :mrgreen:

  9. Before downloading the flash menus ..even if you know how to make them work..some of them get installed but the menu icons will not work!. the reason is that the icons order in the flash file is different from the one in your always remember to check the arrangement of icons in the flash menus first n download only if they are exactly the way it is on your phone 🙂 cheers

  10. Hello there!
    I got w595, the problem is that when i set any theme in my phone, every thing except the desktop background works well. My phone does’nt show the flash animation in the theme in the background.What could be the possible problem, please can anyone help me fix this.