Yao is W395



Yao is new Walkman phone in slider design. Yao is Walkman-version of F305. And now I can confirm you that final name of this phone is W395. Sounds nice! W395 has same features as F305: 176×220 screen, 2.0-Mp camera, etc. W395 will be announced as soon as possible. Forecasted release date will be in April 2009. There is also one imaging version of F305, but it will be announced and released later.


  1. damn, another piece of shit
    when did SE realize that the creation of clones is not the way? 😡

  2. Why is it W395 and not W305? For what reason might they have put a 9 in the name instead of a zero. Because I am familiar with the new naming system, and it seems like this name is not going along those lines.

  3. its an entry level phone for budget user…a piece of shit for high end user but then there;s still user who can’t afford expensive stuff.