Frances is C903


Frances is C903

Frances is new Cyber-shot branded slider phone with 5-Megapixels camera and autofocus. Now you should call it as C903, because it is official model name of this phone. Frances has pretty good design (not copy-paste). It has 320×240 pixels 2.4″ TFT screen. One of the main imaging features is active lens cover. The same style of lens cover as in cameras from Sony. Also it has basic tehnologies from Cyber-shot phones: PhotoFix, Face Detection, Smile Shutter, etc. C903 also has aGPS. Frances will be announced at the MWC on the 15th of February. Release date of C903 will be in the end of Q2 2009. If you have some questions about Frances, you can publish a comment, and I will try to give you the answer.

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  1. Hi. Francis looks decent, but why 9** index?
    Is there any news about it’s size, and or looks, colours?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. @Hoang It’s too early to talk about price, because release will be only in the end of Q2 2009. In my personal opinion, price will be ~ $300.

  3. The nine in C903 indicates high-end right? How much memory might it come with because don’t Nokia’s high-end phones come with A LOT of memory? What Nokia phones should this compete directly with?

  4. this looks promising from SE,i hope it has zenon flash and is affordable,coz c905 wasn’t
    if turns out as it looks,it will give competiton to n-series

  5. C901(5MP)-C902(5MP)-C903(5MP)-C905(8MP)
    Where is the “C904″(?)?
    In my opinion ,C903 looks like either Nokia N85 or N81.
    Has Sony Ericsson lost its initiality? 😡

  6. The design do inherit from other phone. If you are sharp enough. You will know which phone. Not fully copy and paste but copy and improved.

  7. @ duda

    I can’t see a copy & paste phone, because this is a new device of SE! 🙂

    @ Steven Y.

    SE dont use numbers with “4”, because this number brings misfortune in Japan. 😀

  8. I absolutly agry with hamed!! You should not publish information almost about all the phones before its official announcement on the exhibition!! It’s so boring!! AND EVEN DON’T TRY TO DO IT WITH HIKARU!! IT IS THE MOST INTRESTING AND INCREDIBLE PREMIER! What do I think about C903? It really has outstanding desing, style, especially back side! It’s awsome! That is I’ve been dreamed about! I think it is sucssessful model, all about price…

  9. @murderjon So how can you explain the Sony Ericsson W64S?
    Yu know this phone being only sold in Japan and there is a “4” in it. :-S

  10. saya tak sabar menunggu kedatangan SE 903, MUDAHAN2 sEGERA MUNGKN. btw, APLIKASI LAINNYA APA AJA. THX