Pink collection


Pink collection
Only 14 days left for St. Valentine’s Day. You still haven’t bought a present for your girlfriend? Sony Ericsson phone could be the best gift for St. Valentine’s Day. Here are all pink phones, that produced by Sony Ericsson in 2008-2009. In my personal opinion, the best is W350 Soft Pink, because it has pretty nice pink colour.

Pink collection


  1. How come it seems like most Consumer Electronics Manufacturers are totally convinced that making everything pink is all it needs to make their products appeal to women !
    That’s so ridiculous !

  2. Pink-pink-pink-pink everywhere pink so now i decided to give all this beautiful pink sony handset to my girl friend not one two or three but all twelve.

  3. 😈 👿 ezek a telefonok jok csak kicsit nagyon drágák igy senkinek se lesz pénze megvenni ezeket