Sony Ericsson announces W995 Walkman™


Today, on the 15th of February, Sony Ericsson announces it’s new flagship Walkman™ phone W995, previously known as Hikaru. W995 is high-end slider phone, which has high-end features.


W995 is multimedia Walkman™ phone offering a complete entertainment experience. Hikaru is the first Walkman, which has 3.5mm audio jack on the top of the phone. Also Hikaru has perfect stereospeakers.


W995 adds richness to your entertainment! The main feature of Hikaru is the perfect 8.1-Megapixels camera with autofocus. Unfortunately, W995 has no lens cover. I think, it’s not bad for Walkman™ phone.


The phone has 118 MB built-in memory plus 8 Gb M2™ card in the box. One of the good features of Hikaru is, of course, large 2,6″ QVGA scratch-resistant TFT screen, which support up 262,144 colours.


On the left side you can find fastport, on the right side available three dedicated music control keys plus volume keys and one camera key.


W995 has three different colours: Progressive Black (black phone with blue includings), Cosmic Silver (silver phone with orange includings) and Energetic Red (red phone with blue includings).


To complete a full multimedia experience Hikaru has aGPS, Google Maps™, Wayfinder Navigator™, Wi-Fi™, DLNA Certified™ and a full PlayStation3 compatibility.


On the back of W995 you can find special kickstand, which helps you to relax and watch your favorite videos, converted with a special application Media Go™.


Hikaru has pretty nice sizes: 97x49x15 mm with weight only 113 grams. W995 will be available in selected markets from the end of Q2 2009.


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  1. Current cost is $3980 HKD ~ $520 USD!
    Very Pricey, as expected from SE phones!

    3.5mm port can be used for music or Fastport.
    Haven’t tried BOTH but why bother?
    Fastport S*cks and should be REMOVED from ALL SE phones!

    Camera is good for day/short-distance shots not night/long-distance shots.
    Camera is NOT good to replace an actual digital camera!!

    MediaGo software S*CKS as SE can NOT make a decent media software for their phones!!

    Who’d want to watch video from small phone screen? Video playback is OK but it’ll really hurt your eyes! Must convert to Mpeg mp4 format as listed in phone’s User Guide, which is NOT included in package anymore, but included in phone’s Help section!

    Overall… decent phone with good reception with good media player and decent camera.

  2. the girl in the preview pics it’s awful 😀 :)) , if the phone it’s like her..i migh pass it . Marketing from SE should pay more atention when they make an advertise/preview (everything must be ok)

    and about the , what can i say ,8mb cam ( no lens cover..:| geez..) , the same java-soft as on A2 phones ,and a few more app added ; well..those are not good reasons to give w595 and buy a phone that has 2-3 things above it .A new phone should bring a revolutionary soft/design , non as the previous models