C510’s content


The new Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot™ phone C510 was successfully launched some days ago and here is original content from the new C510: flash-menus, images, themes and videos.


C510 Ray

C510 Track flow

C510 Dusk setting

C510 Morning glisten


C510 Maze.swf

C510 Cyber ring.swf

C510 Energy city.swf

C510 Clover.jpg (67.3 KB)
C510 Cubic.jpg (38.3 KB)
C510 Daybreak.jpg (24.2 KB)
C510 Dreamland.gif (203 KB)
C510 Florid.jpg (72.8 KB)
C510 Grass horizon.jpg (56.3 KB)
C510 Incandescence.jpg (31.2 KB)
C510 Nova.jpg (98.7 KB)
C510 Ornamental.jpg (48.3 KB)
C510 Purple world.jpg (50.5 KB)
C510 Rainy season.jpg (54.7 KB)
C510 Sky.jpg (80.7 KB)
C510 Tint.png (41.4 KB)
C510 Sony Ericsson.gif (106 KB)


C510 Cyber-shot (320 KB)
C510 Dusk setting (510 KB)
C510 Morning glisten (390 KB)
C510 Ray (100 KB)
C510 Track flow (180 KB)
C510 Clarity (290 KB)


C510 Demo Tour (3.15 MB)
C510 Cubic (1.2 MB)
C510 See-saw (638 KB)
C510 Under water (1.04 MB)


  1. Nice, I know I’m a bit lazy so is possible you put everything in an archive file next time, thanks !

  2. track flow flash flash menu needs to be renamed to Track flow_desktop.swf or else it wont work with theme

  3. I bought a new SE C510 phone from Kuwait..I updated my phone with new software.After that phone starts hanging all the time.I went to SE Service Centre.They updated the software 3 days before but still i facing the probelm.It doesn’t even fall from my hands.Now i’m in india.Help meeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Guys this phone is great EVERYTHING IN IT! Exept that we cant zoom in BUT Still great And like some people are facing….We cant use flash menus Dont worry your not the only one I’m facing that problem too! 🙁 😐 😥 🙁

  5. Thanks!!!!!!!!!! I was in search of these themes since it was deleted during formating………