Idou in new colour


Today I want to present you something. It’s new colour for Idou – silver. In this colour Idou looks like C905. Yet I don’t know it’s cancelled colour or just not announced. Hope it’s not cancelled, because it looks so nice! Isn’t it?

Idou in new colour


  1. Black looks better than Silver IMO. I wish me a white Idou, the colour silver is out! 😛

  2. well i think because the Idou is going to be the next best and favourite mobile phone,


    it should be in every colour so it suits every taste and so everyone has a mobile phone in their favourite colour.

  3. The construction of this silver one doesn’t match the live pictures of Black Idou~

    Maybe this is really early prototype?

  4. itzME
    Agry, it’s really fake, but I think that Max done it by himself and just wanted to show us the color, which is really nice, he doesn’t have this phone.

  5. Am I the only one who realises that this is just an easy photoshop? It comes almost obvious that the buttons are so flat. :-S

  6. there is alos a red one, I don’t know if the red color was already mentionned but I saw one in red 😉