Meet the new CS8 Cyber-shot™


Meet the new CS8 Cyber-shot™
Yesterday on the was leaked name of the new Cyber-shot™  phone from Sony Ericsson. It is the new CS8 Cyber-shot™. Acording to the source, the new device will be based on Android-platform and will have 8.1-Megapixel camera. Yet I don’t have more specifications of the new Cyber-shot™ phone.

Update. On Sony Ericsson site were founded two WAP-profiles:


  1. I think its the C905 for t-mobile, with a different name. The Z780 was changed to TM506 for them, not so?

  2. Actually the 8mp and Android are only speculation. Nowhere does it say they are confirmed specs. And I think the above comment by FMW300i is probably correct, according to discussion on Esato.

  3. if it has android it has surely a more sensitive touchscreen
    and it is good
    but I personally do not like this S.O…
    but it will be surely good design

  4. I’m looking forward to this mysterious SE Android-CS8.
    But,personally,I think the Screen resolution is too small.
    VGA is more reasonable. 😐