Sony Ericsson has launched the new W995 Walkman™


Sony Ericsson W995

Today, on the 25th of May, finally was launched the new Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman™. During next couple of weeks W995 should be available in all big mobile stores of Europe. W995 Walkman™ was announced on the 15th of February 2009. W995 is high-end slider phone and it is Walkman™ flagship for 2009 year. The phone has 240×320 pixels screen, 8.1 Megapixel camera, build-in stereo speakers. Plus it has a special kickstand on the back of the phone, three dedicated music control keys on the right side and, of course, one of the main features of W995 is 3.5-mm jack, which is located on the top of the phone. W995 Walkman™ will be available in three nice colours: Progressive Black, Cosmic Silver and Energetic Red. The fresh review of the Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman™ you can read here.


  1. can anybody tell me where i can download those applications that came with the phone? the voice changer and sound level apps

  2. I like this phone and I’m thinking of buying it but I’m very interested in what SE will announce the 28th

  3. If I wanted to use this phone in the US, which country should I buy the W995a from? (I want to use the GPS and 3G)
    Would it be better to get it from Central America or Australia/New Zealand?

  4. xcited bout the launch
    when will it be available in malaysia??
    hope that se would make an additional accessories like phone pouch and phone strap…..