GreenHeart™ handsets are coming soon

  On 24th of September 2008 Sony Ericsson launched it’s new environmental warranty and the GreenHeart™ concept-phone. The launch of Sony Ericsson’s environmental warranty means that now, when any Sony Ericsson product is taken to a designated collection point, Sony Ericsson will recycle this product in an environmentally sound way. Sounds very good!

On that day was announced concept of GreenHeart™ phone. And now it’s time for real GreenHeart™ handsets. Soon Sony Ericsson will announced the first commercial GreenHeart™ handsets. The announcement will be on Thursday 4th of June.

And what will be announced on that even? Now that’s a small secret. But I promise, that new will surprise us a bit. Stay tuned for more information!

Information about GreenHeart™ Webcast, which will take part on Thursday 4th of June, at 13:00 UK time, you can find on a special promo campaign on the official Sony Ericsson site.


  1. Great thing, not only for the new announcement but for the policy, more manufacturers should care about the environment nowadays…

  2. All of that for a small thing that won’t be ground breaker wake-up SE u lost the tech leadership…