New pictures of the Sony Ericsson Vulcan


Today were leaked two new pictures of Sony Ericsson Vulcan. This device is successor of Xperia™ X1 and probably it will get name Xperia™ X2. As you can see from the secound picture, the new device has 8.1 megapixel camera.

Sony Ericsson Vulcan

Sony Ericsson Vulcan



  1. 8.1 MPx ! 😀

    I hope the specifications are good (A better processor I, a better touchScreen , internal memory…) W&See…

  2. it’s not better looking then the x1. specwise it’s better with 8.1 mp but… what are the other specs????
    when will it be released? this is big news!!!

  3. No dissrespect but X1 looks better than this device,to be honest this one looks kinda cheap i mean the keys and the materials they used on…Camera 8,1 Mp that’s a big improvement,how about the OS and other features?

  4. just the fact, that this one will not be build by htc makes me hope for a much better device…

    X1 was crap, crappy build quality und crap to use…

    but this one, with winmo 6.5 and hopefully a better reworked panel interface and lots of much liked se porgramms (track id, flashlight etc.), i could become my favourite…we’ll see…

  5. I agree that my X1 looks better. Maybe this X2 will use Winmo 6.5 or 7 and Snapdragon 1.3Gz, 512MB RAM, GPU seperately,…..looks like a dream? :mrgreen:

  6. keyboard is incompatible with cyrillic, arabic and many other alphabets. they have 6 keys less than standard.