CDs will be removed from the boxes


Compact disk

There were no news from Sony Ericsson during last week. Next announcement was postponed to the end of June, so now every new thing about Sony Ericsson is more valuable than gold. And here is one small thing. CDs will be removed from the boxes of all latest Sony Ericsson phones. It’s a good idea! More than a half of Europeans are regular Internet users, so it will be easy to download any application from official site. For example, Media Manager or Media Go.


  1. well its a European point of view, not other continent…..why there is less post nowadays??

  2. so are they only producing for Europeans 😕 now, what about country where people have no internet?

  3. Yeah..
    What About Asia..

    I just hope, that X2 and Saito be out sooner.
    Or else it’ll be too late.. again..

  4. Apparently, there were no CDs included in both my W395 and W995 (Hong Kong Generic). I don’t really mind because I always download the latest software for my phone.

  5. If you buy a phone with 3g capability… i think you have acces to internet some way… acctually with your new phone… don’t you think? 😯
    I think it’s a great and green idea