Sony Ericsson Susan leaked again


Sony Ericsson Susan
Susan and Sunny, two new models from Sony Ericsson, are very mistical phones. And it’s not because of recently leaked video. The thing is their platform. Look at the picture. It’s not common-or-garden A2 platform (many of us called it A200 platform). It’s something new and very interesting… Isn’t it ?

First of all, instead of activity-menu key Susan has new “home” key. Secondly, you may noticed new icons on the top of the screen. And finally, three soft-key buttons on the bottom of the screen (Massages, Contacts, Email). Hopefully, this  new platform has much more positive differences.


  1. Mmm… It really looks like Android.
    May be Susan is a CMCC Ophone.
    P.S. Ophone is a kind of China Mobile’s exclusive TD-SCDMA phone,and all Ophones are running Android system.

  2. I like the idea of a smart phone with non-touchscreen, but with bigger and higher resolution display please !