Sony Ericsson Kurara leaked again…


Sony Ericsson Kurara

Today was leaked the new phone from Entertainment Unlimited series. It’s Sony Ericsson Kurara, also know as Satio™ “sister”. Sony Ericsson Kurara is based on Symbian S60 platform. According to the source, the phone features 3.5″ AMOLED touchscreen and 8.1 megapixel camera with autofocus and HD-recording. Have you noticed two latters “HD”? Yet there is no any info about announcement date of Sony Ericsson Kurara. Launch date will be in H1 2010.



  1. NO oled display, HD 720p video recording is included, as I said.
    Display size is 3.2 inches

  2. 3,2 even better than 3,5 for nhd resolution. still a little too big. 3,0 is optimal. but design is so ugly. nothing comparable to old se phones… where the company going…?

  3. Yes,it’s a bit ugly.
    But I think U1i will get HD recording after SE release U1i’s new firmware to update.

  4. Well, the back looks like Viewty smart a little. But the front is OK. But it will be great to have HD recording, they should have put HD on Satio too.

  5. If none of use noticed, this is a really bad mock up design. Sony Ericsson is not planning to release any new fones for the new EU series untill 2nd quarter of next year. This is just an fake chinese model 8)

  6. HEY!!

    Doesnt the middle picture look a bit like Samsung’s Omnia HD??

    I think it does … BUT just a bit!!

  7. Symbian S60= 640×360. I want a phone with an big AMOLED display with FWVGA resolution. Why Symbian S60 🙁 !!!

    I hope that those are the real specifications. I would be very disappointed if the display turns out to be 3.2″ TFT and the HD refers to capturing pics in Full HD resolution which is much lower than 8.1MP.

    Just to remind you, Sony developed and announced an 8.1 meagapixel camera module that is capable to capture 720P HD videos a few months ago. I hope that they implement this in their phones as fast as possible.

    Thanks max 🙂

  8. it took 8 months for the satio to be released after they revealed and showcased it in barcelona at the start of the year and this is yet to be revealed so could be around 12 months away from release