Launch date of Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X2


Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X2

Today, on 20th of November, was launched the new slider with QWERTY-keyboard from Sony Ericsson. It’s Xperia™ X2. During next couple of weeks X2 should be available in the most big mobile stores of Europe plus online stores.

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X2 was announced on 2nd of September 2009. Xperia™ X2 is successor of well-know X1. Xperia™ X2 is Windows-based smartphone which supports Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional OS and features touchscreen, QWERTY-keyboard and a 8.1 megapixel camera with autofocus. Yet there is no information about the price of this phone.


  1. I’m very dissapointed in x2, the hardvare is very outdated, slow processzor, small screen and not amoled, no 8 or 16 gb. I use x1, but not upgrade x2, in stores have many many much more poverfull windows phone. I will buy HTC HD2, or Toshiba tg01, Samsung omnia2, or omnia pro. X1 has the same hardvare, what are you doing SE?

  2. I feel sorry for SE lately. I think they are changing their business plan to target only the customers who want exclusive phones even if they are crap. Looks like the problems reported with Satio and now Aino. I happen to have Aino and I have to admit that I love the phone only because I like SE OS. But the phone design was terrible. How can they have a lock button that is so delicate that it just needs a feature touch? Did they think no one puts the phone in the pockets? That alone screwed this phone. Then to make it worse they went cheap on adding some extra memory to make the phone run more fluid. It becomes very laggy if you use Facebook or Twitter apps on standby screen and get couple of SMS in coversation view.

    Then Aino main problem is it’s almost impossible for left ear listeners to talk with slider closed as the light sensitive phone lock sensor is to the right side of ear-piece and hence the touch call end/speaker/mute buttons stay active and I almost touch them with my ear or cheeks all the time and mess up my calls. So, talked with slider open and the phone feels weird that way as it’s very long when it’s open.

    It’s going to go back to soon.