The new Sony Ericsson smartphone leaked


The new Sony Ericsson smartphone leaked

Today was leaked the new Sony Ericsson smartphone which has a 5.5 inches display and a hinged slide-out keyboard. It runs a clean Android 2.1 OS. Yet there is no much info about this device. We still don’t know rather this device real or fake, but many people says that the source is trustworthy. According to the source, Sony Ericsson is planned to launch this device in the fall.

Source: IT168.


  1. The device is cool, but 5.5 inches?? It is too big to put in your front pocket, that is the only problem. By the way I think that the phone has an 512Mb Ram, 1GHZ CPU or more, at least 16Gb of internal storage.

  2. You can forget about this device (no, it’s not called Hallon). It was cancelled during the summer/fall of 2010.

  3. I think too that it is cancelled. There are NO new informantions about this since June of 2010.