O2 UK delays Xperia™ PLAY


Xperia™ PLAY

The Sony Ericsson Xperia™ PLAY is to be delayed by O2 UK due to the discovery of bugs in the software of the PLAY. And won’t be launched on April 1st as announced by the carrier originally. Head of O2 device testing team Stuart Hibberd explains that every phone passes through his team before going on sale and during such time they rigorously test each phone for weeks, and try every single feature. This is the same procedure the Play as been through. They have discovered some bugs in the software and are working with Sony Ericsson to get them ironed out. Hibberd states the fix would not be available for the original launch day, so they had to delay the PLAY. Other Carriers have not reported any delays thus far. On another note O2 has the exclusive of selling the White Xperia™ PLAY in the UK.