What To Expect @ CES From Sony Ericsson (Updated)


Sony Ericsson Logo

Sony and Sony Ericsson will announced Xperia™ S and Xperia™ Ion devices. The Xperia S is the Nozomi that we have seen thus far. Xperia™ Ion has a 4.6 inch display.


At this moment it is unclear which model correlates to Xperia™ Ion , but from the screen size we may come to the conclusion that it is LT28at. But it is not, if we take the info we got on the brand name placement and also that the LT28at was rumoured to have a 5 inch display. Our Source went further on to say that the Xperia™ Ion has brand name “Sony” below the screen while LT26i (Nozomi) has name “Sony” upside the screen. Still this is unclear if the phones will have both Sony Ericsson and Sony branding on them. The gist is that we will see two phones being revealed On Monday. Also smart things are expected to be announced such as a watch, wireless headset. We can’t wait for the announcement, just 2 days to go.

Update 2
Sony Ericsson Xperia™ Ion is apparently AT&T branded. Model is indeed LT28at. We will know all tomorrow.

Live Video Conference will take place at CES Blog