CES 2014 will commence with a keynote from Sony CEO Kaz Hirai


The preparations for the largest Consumer Electronics Show 2014 is on a roll, and the members of Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) have selected Sony CEO Kaz Hirai to deliver headline keynote. A trend has been observed since past few years that large number of Sony gadgets are released every year, and are capturing a prominent share in the market.

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai view

CES is a global event attended by various tech giants from the industry and all eyes from around the world are on Kaz Hirai. Sony fans would surely want to listen from the man himself, what kind of cutting edge technology has Sony to offer ahead in the near future. The CES 2014 will be very minutely observed by all. So let’s our fingers crossed and wait what is there in store for us the coming year.