The Wi-Fi only model of the very famous Sony Xperia Z Ultra spotted at FCC


FCC has sighted for its eyes that Sony might be working on the only Wi-Fi variant of its Xperia Z Ultra model. The first reports came when a device named Sony TS-0010 had been spotted at FCC, where it was defined as both ‘portable handset’ and a ‘portable UMPC mini-tablet’.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra view

Further FCC also released the news that the Sony TS-0010 was very similar to Sony Xperia Z Ultra, giving a hint that Sony might be working on another similar variant of the very famous Z Ultra. The tech specs release from FCC includes a device without any cellular connectivity, a 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and GPS and 2.4 GHz processor. However there was no specification of RAM, internal storage, battery or camera.

Sony TS-0010 as seen by FCC view

With the Sony Xperia Z Ultra already being a very hit device, we would surely like to see whether this new portable device from Sony hits the market or not.