Sony Motion Shot for the Xperia Z1 is now available on the Google Play Store


Specifically designed for the Xperia Z1, Sony has made its Motion Shot app now available on the Google Play Store. This app is very beautifully designed such that it captures the shot of a moving images at multiple instants of very short duration and clubs it in a single image. It basically collects frames of a moving clip or collects series of images that are taken at a gap of just few fraction of seconds.

sony-motion-shot view

However, right now this app is launched only for the Xperia Z1 users, who have a 20.7megapixels camera with which we can club the best details of motion and other special effects. One of the reasons Sony launching this app on the Google Play store and not baking it into the phone itself would be that Sony might plan to release and make this app compatible with its other phones in future.

If you own an Xperia Z1, here is the link to get the app downloaded free. An animation effect supporting this app is also available at just 1.99$ giving a GIF animation. However, this effect is currently available only in US, Canada and the hometown Japan.