A Wearable Action Camera from Sony


Climbing the ladder further, Sony seems to club modern technology with its standard camera making business by releasing a new wearable action camera. This special camera from Sony will include GPS, NFC live-view remote and slim waterproof housing.

Sony Wearable Action Cam view

This camera specifically seems to be designed for adventure lovers and thus can be used for specific sort of photography like the underwater shooting, on the race tracks, for sky diving and to capture similar moments.

This action camera will sport a wide angle Carl Zeiss Tessar lens that will help you take panoramic views to its best. The camera will also offer a choice of recording modes like Full HD 60p/50p for fast-moving actions and two slow-motion modes.

Action Camera underwater shooting view

This action camera will also capture 11.9 megapixel still photos. Sony, here introduces new feature of taking the pictures upside down in case if the camera is attached in reverse position. Moreover you can sync all your photos and videos taken on the action camera with your Sony smartphone via Sony’s Play Memories Mobile free app.

With this action camera, Sony will also provide a Live-view Remote that can be linked to your camera over Wi-Fi. This Live-view remote is a waterproofed, wristwatch type controller that helps you perform all the hands-off operation in case when you camera is affixed in awkward position. For eg: while surfing, sporting a kayak or even sky diving.

Action Camera while sky diving view

The remote sports a color LCD on which you can see the captured shots and a button as well that helps you select photo/movie modes. Adding to its beauty are a range of modes that the camera has to offer. ‘The Map View’ track your movements via GPS, ‘Multi View’ that will record your speed via GPS.

Various auxiliaries are also supported on this action camera which includes a universal head mount kit, a chest mount harness, a roll-bar mount and a suction cup mount that clings to smooth surfaces like the car dashboard. Thus the device is really a very unique design for all the photo maniacs out there.