Wi-Fi only Sony Xperia Z Ultra may be parked soon in the tech market.


Ever since its launch, Sony Xperia Z Ultra has captured a large attention of the smartphone world! This high-end gadget seems to be gaining large appreciation from global community for its overwhelming features and its stylish built. With a 6.4” display and a sharp 1920×1080 resolution, the device seems to be lying much between the scale of a smartphone or a tablet.

sony-xperia-z-ultra view.

However speculations are made that the Wi-Fi only version of Xperia Z Ultra may be out soon as it has received the clearances from FCC. This new model will sport almost everything that Xperia Z Ultra offers except the cellular capabilities. It will support all three-2G, 3G, as well as 4G wireless capabilities.

Wi-Fi only version  of Sony Xperia Z Ultra view

However on the FCC listing this device does not appear as Xperia Z Ultra, but a device with similar kind of design and features. It is quite possible that the Sony may launch this device under its very famous Sony Walkman tag