Best 5 apps for the highly featured Sony Xperia Z1


The Xperia Z1 from Sony has been the highly surfaced smartphone right now. With oodles of features Sony has ensured that the Xperia Z1 really offers you the interface to bring in the best in you. Let us just have a look at the top five apps that will get us closer to Xperia Z1 and give us an idea what the device has to offer.

Maps and a few Google Apps

Maps have been an all new sophistication to manage your routes while travelling. The Maps in Xperia Z1 comes with a satellite view of your route while using GPS. Moreover it also has a voice data assistance preloaded without any extra effort from getting it from the Play Store.

Maps for the Xperia Z1 view

Additionally it has all the conventional apps that Google offers like the You Tube, Google+ and a new image spinning app for Google+ that will automatically upload photos to your Google’s social network.

Sony Media Suite

Sony has upped all its data in its offered media suite that includes Play Movies, Play Music, Play Books and Play Games. The music media suite has an overall nice database of tracks that you can purchase instantly. Moreover it also supports paid radio streaming of music when needed. Recently its Play Movies app has also added a support for buying TV shows in UK.

Social Life app and the Xperia Lounge.

Sony makes a foray in making social life applications for its Xperia devices. This app will gather all the news from every corner of the world from various internet sources. So no matter at which part of the world you are! You will still be globally connected.

Xperia Lounge App

Xperia Lounge has been designed for Z1, where Sony will showcase its various deal portals. This app is baked (can’t be uninstalled) in the system itself and will show all the content featuring Sony.

TV SideView app

We have already seen Sony’s magic with the one-touch-mirroring in its HDTV for Xperia SP earlier. With this app Sony offers an alternate screen on your mobile to TV watching. This app will also allow to share your details regarding which shows you watch on your social networking profiles.

TV SideView App view

PlayStation Mobile App

Sony has opened your doors for having a PlayStation experience to explore new titles you never heard off! What you will need is a PlayStation Network account to get access and get going zooming your gaming experience further. You will be served with various games which would be free, paid of just a trial version that would get you addicted.

PlayStation App for Xperia Z1 view

To wrap it out, Xperia Z1 users here is the treat for you.