Quick Steps to flash the Custom Recovery on your Sony Xperia Z1


    Earlier we have discussed about how to get your Xperia Z1 rooted. Once your device is rooted, you will get an extended freedom to explore various free apps on the Xperia Z1. However after rooting your phone, you would surely desire to flash the custom ROM! The good news is that that the Sony Xperia Z1 CWM Recovery so that you can enjoy various custom ROM’s available and at ease.

    Here are few quick steps to get it done!

    1. Ensure that your phone is rooted before flashing the custom ROM. Get the root procedure here.
    2. Unlock the bootloader on your phone from the official website.
    3. This will work on 518 and 526 firmwares only! DO NOT TRY this on other firmwares.
    4. Download the Stock Kernel here.
    5. Download the Fastboot.

    Now few steps to flash the custom ROM

    1. Download and place both-Stock Kernel and Fastboot on your Desktop.
    2. Extract files from the Fastboot archive to your Desktop.
    3. Go to Menu>Settings>Developer Options>USB Debugging and enable the USB debugging.
    4. Once it’s enabled, plug in your device to your PC.
    5. Open the Command Prompt Window. For this press the shift button and right click on your Desktop and select Open Command Prompt Window here option.
    6. Type “adb reboot bootloader” in the Command Prompt Window.
    7. Your device will now reboot in the bootloader mode.
    8. Issue the command “fastboot flash boot adv-stock-v3.img” to flash the Stock Kernel on your device.
    9. After the flash, issue “adb reboot recovery” to reboot your device in the newly installed CWM Recovery.
    10. Now you are in the Recovery Mode and all done!

    Now various flash ROMS and Mods are available for you as your device is now flashed with the CWM Recovery.