Sony releases a new 3-in-1 Walkman


Since past many years, Sony has always been in a much passionate relationship with music. Over the years, Sony has constantly been rolling out its much famous Sony Walkmans in the market. Few years back, Sony had also launched special edition music phones with the tag of Sony Walkman series. This time, Sony has completely redesigned the gadget and has launched the new 3-in-1 Walkman.

Sony 3 in 1 Walman in three colors view

The new WH Series 3-in-1 Walkman clubs speakers, headphones and a digital music player in a wire-free design. In any mode the new Walkman will offer at par excellent audio quality that one can expect from Sony. The two new models NWZ-WH505 and NWZ-WH303, are stuffed with powerful headphone drivers with surround sound. This enables users to switch between various sound modes for dynamic, enhanced bass, clear, mid-to-high range vocals.

The device comes with a 16GB storage where you can store nearly 4k songs. Moreover, it offers a continuous on-the-go operation of nearly 20 hours. You can attach your smartphone or tablet with this wireless Walkman through a cable provided along with the device.

The NWZ-WH505

This Walkman costs 239.99$ in Amazon and is beautifully manufactured:

sony NWZ-WH505













The NWZ-WH303

sony NWZ-WH303

This one is selling for 139.399$ in Amazon: