Sony Devices leaked in bulk


There is a huge quantum of leaks from Sony and what the Indonesian wireless authority-Postel spotted is a total of five phones and a tablet! Moreover, shaking hands, AnTuTu has also spotted two new devices for Sony.

Sony devices leak

The two new devices are D2005 and D2105 that are believed to be entry level Android phones from Sony and can probably be the replacement to Sony Xperia M-C2005 and the Sony Xperia L-C2105. An additional leak in the tablet segment includes a SGP521 model that is believed to be an extension to the existing SGP321 which is no other but the Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

The postal database showed some other Sony devices as well that includes the D5303, successor to the C5303 (Sony Xperia SP), the D6503 which could be a successor to C6503 currently the Sony Xperia ZL. Moreover, the D5503 has got no substantial background! But judging it from what we spotted in the previous leaks, this model no could be the Xperia Z1S or the Z1 mini.