3rd January could be a possible date for the global release of Xperia Z1 Mini


December 19, the Xperia Z1f made its entry into Japan and soon in no time the much awaited smartphone was seen in the hands of many! A new rumor is rolling out there and it’s that the Sony Xperia Z1S or the Xperia Z1 mini will be out in the international market this January 3rd. It’s been since October that the world is waiting for the device’s release and recently the launch of Z1f in Japan has made everyone excited.

Xperia Z1f in stores view

The information regarding the global release of Xperia Z1S arrived on Sony China website. If news are to believed it will be soon that we will get to see the rolling across various regions across the globe.

Sony China site Xperia Z1f view

We have seen other smartphone makers like HTC and Samsung coming up with a mini version of their flagship devices, but Xperia Z1S is getting all the attention because it packs the same superior hardware of the Xperia Z1 and just differs in size.