Sony Xperia Ion gets a chocolate flavor with Android v4.4 (unofficially)


Sony Xperia Ion is still missing on any official update from Sony. After Sony abandoning the device after its Android 4.1.2 update, the device also fell shot to get a good community support for any further updates. However, the members at XDA Developers have caught the attention on the device and guess what, the Xperia Ion takes a huge quantum jump directly to the latest Android 4.4.

Xperia Ion view

The new KitKat ROM arrives with an unofficial CM11 build. The ROM is in the primary stage of development, but is considered to be pretty stable with a few documented issues. This includes the LED indicator not glowing during charging and the battery percentage aint available in the status bar.

So Ion owners, your hunger ends here and you get a tastier chocolaty treat on the platter!