Reports show that Sony might be planning its Windows Phone 8 based device.


Some reports show that Sony might be planning to release its Windows Phone device this year.

According to Digitimes, Sony has teamed-up with ODM Compal Communications- a Taiwanese company in order to launch one or two, Windows Phone 8 based Sony smartphones. Some reports say that the order value for one or two Sony smartphone stands near to somewhere nearly ten-thousand units. Reports also show that Sony is also planning to move deeper into US markets by launching its own range of Windows Phone devices.

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However, there is no official word regarding at what price the Sony-Windows smartphones will arrive. The Windows Phone from Sony we be arriving in mid of 2014 with its Vaio lineup, beneath which Sony has been launching Some Windows based desktops, media centers and notebooks.

Earlier Microsoft’s executive vice-president of operating systems-Terry Myerson had intimated that Microsoft is planning for some free future versions of Windows Phone and Windows RT for device makers.