Glimpses of the Xperia Z2 UI


Earlier it was the Z1 Compact that was much talked before the launch and now it’s the Xperia Z2/Xperia Z1 successor or the Xperia Sirius whatever we may call it, is making big news. The official Xperia Blog has released some screenshots of what the Xperia Z2 UI will be like! First and foremost it’s great news that the Xperia Z2 will come up with an Android KitKat 4.4 and the OTA updates could be expected soon.

Android KitKat view

Moreover we will see various features like 4K video recording and Time Shift Video.

4K video recording view

Some changes in display option like Glove Mode, White Balance and Backlight Control. The Backlight control is a pretty interesting feature where the light from the screen will flash off only when you take away your eyes from the screen.

Glove mode view

Backlight control

It also comes with a smart call handling motion sensing features as shown in the figure below.

Smart call handling 1

smartcall handling 2

A double tap to wake up features will give you quicker access to your Xperia Z2.

Double Tap wake up

The Dialler options are also improved that comes with built-in answering machine.

Dialler options

Answering machines

Two home launchers names as “Simple Home” and “Xperia Home” are also included. In “Simple Home” launcher, features such as larger icons for better viewing and many other are introduced to the device.

Home launcher 1

Home launcher 2

Simple Home Launcher 1

Simple Home Launcher 2

Simple Home Launcher 3

Simple Home Launcher 4

Sound menu options such as “Audio Accessories” and “Hi-Res Audio via USB” have been included.

Audio Accessories

Hi-Res video

Moreover, few changes have been brought to personalization, notifications and the “Themes” have changed to “Xperia Themes”.


Manage Notifications

Xperia Themes

Power Management has been now classified into “Device” and “Accessory”.

Power Management

A new “Printing” option arrives in the Settings menu.

Printing 1

Printing 2

A new option for “What’s New” and “Google Now” comes in picture.

Whats New

Whats New 2

Whats New 3

Whats New 4

Whats New 5

Whats New 6

An easy switch over between notifications and Quick settings is provided at the drop down menu only.

Quick Settings 1

Quick Settings 2

Here are the images that will let you know all home launcher that remains unchanged from the Android 4.3.

Home Launcher Android 4.3 1

Home Launcher Android 4.3 2

The app tray background is now transparent that comes with lot many apps.

App tray 1

App tray 2

App tray 3

A “close all” option is also included in Recent Apps menu.

Close all

A “Touch Block” app is included which when enabled prevents the screen to turn on automatically under exposure to water. Thus it is pretty obvious that Xperia Sirius will be water-resistant.

Touch Block

The movies app remains the same.

Movies App