Sony launched a double-DIN smartphone dock


Google has recently declared about the Open Automotive Alliance, but we still don’t know about the possibility of an Android car hitting the showrooms. This CES expo 2014, Sony launched a double-DIN smartphone dock-a car head unit that can turn your car in an infotainment system.

Sony Double DIN Dock

The Sony XSP-N1BT helps you connect to phones via USB (iPhone) or Bluetooth (Android). The built-in NFC helps you pairing with the device, and the dock has magnetic pins that offer charging to your smartphone. Just place the phone in the dock and you have your car’s own infotainment system. With App Remote, you can get a much better interface to your car.

This double din dock has its own USB player, CD player and an AM/FM radio receiver. In absence of the phone, there will be an IR remote to control the functions.

Moreover, the dock is configurable to fit phones of any size. According to double din standards, the prescribed dimensions are 180×100, which means that even an Xperia Z Ultra phablet can fit into it.