Sony finds a smart way to avoid leaks


No tech company would want their upcoming devices to surface over the web by other sources before they make any official announcement and so is Sony! Sony has majorly suffered from the evil of leaks in recent times with its upcoming flagship devices getting caught under the radar of some third party sources. However, the Japanese giant has found the drill to prevent their devices from being leaked.


What Sony did is, they have blocked the installation of benchmark app on prototype devices. Xperia Blog recently posted an image that showed how a warning popped-out upon installation of AnTuTu benchmark and gave no further access to proceed with the installation process. This is a very smart move from Sony as the benchmark apps have turned to be the most figured-out source for leaks. However, blocking of apps could be overcome by either changing the package name of the installation file of a particular benchmark app, but still Sony’s effort could prevent the leak from spreading or getting exposed to larger sources.