Timeshift video explained through a demo on the Xperia Z2


    Arguably, one of the best reasons for which the Xperia Z2 will be calling the shots once launched, will be for its exotic features like 4K video recording and TimeShift video. Well, however many few of us would actually know about how the Timeshift video works. Well, there are two video demonstrations giving us an overview about how the feature actually functions. First you need to know that Timeshift video will capture video at 120 fps at 720p resolution. After shooting your video, you need to choose parts that you want to observe in slow motion with the help of a graphical timeline that plays at a quarter speed.

    Scroll down for the video

    After saving the edited version, your Album will contain both edited video (30fps) and another non-edited video at 120 fps. With this, users will get an option to edit the video with some other software or the Movie Creator app. Check out the further two videos. Enjoy!