Snapdragon 801 MSM8974-AB chipset confirmed for the Xperia Z2


The superior flagship smartphone-Xperia Z2 was unveiled last week at MWC 2014. However, there was much speculation regarding the chipset the smartphone was running. On white papers, Xperia Z2 was suggested to have Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8974-AB chipset, which was till date believed to be belonging to Snapdragon 800 family. But last week, Qualcomm had declared a new Snapdragon 801 category that corresponds to MSM8974-AC chipset, which clocked at a slightly higher speed of 2.5GHz quad-core rather than the 2.36GHz quad-core offered in AB variant. The GPU also clocked at higher rate of 578MHz against the 550MHz for AB part.


When both Sony and Qualcomm declared that Xperia Z2 has a Snapdragon 801, many were confused about whether it had an AB or AC chipset! Some even speculated that Sony might have had a typographical error on its papers. But recently, Jason Woodmansee- Qualcomm’s Digital Marketing Manager confirmed  that “8974AB is a specific part number for Snapdragon 801”.

The official Snapdragon 801 product page says “Snapdragon 801 processor includes the following part number: 8974 v3”. Moreover, if we look closely at the source codes, both 8974AC and 8974AB are called 8974Pro. All the Snapdragon 800 chipsets are referred as 8974v2. So it could mean that Snapdragon 801 represents the 8974Pro series which can be reclassified as 8974v3.