First sample pictures of the upcoming Xperia T2 Ultra


    The Xperia T2 Ultra is the first phablet launched in this year from Sony which falls in the mid-range handset segment with 6 inch 720p display and a 13MP Exmor RS camera.

    Here are few of the images of the phablet which shows black Xperia T2 Ultra dual (XM50h for China Unicom) and white Xperia T2 Ultra (XM50t for China Mobile). Scroll down for further sample pictures taken from XM50h taken at 8.7MP resolution. All the images have been taken on the Android 4.3 with firmware build of 19.0.D.0.251. Click on the sample images to enlarge them.

    Get all the specifications of the phablet here.

    Xperia-T2-Ultra-XM50h_12 Xperia-T2-Ultra-XM50h_21 Xperia-T2-Ultra-XM50h_31 Xperia-T2-Ultra-XM50h_41 Xperia-T2-Ultra-XM50h_51 Xperia-T2-Ultra-XM50h_61 Xperia-T2-Ultra-XM50h_71 Xperia-T2-Ultra-XM50h_81 Xperia-T2-Ultra-XM50h_91




    Check out few of the sample images of 3920×2204 resolution. Please click to enlarge.

    Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_1 Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_2 Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_3 Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_4 Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_5 Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_6 Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_7 Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_8 Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_9 Xperia-T2-Ultra-dual-sample_10