Voice Balloon photo camera app hits KitKat based Xperia devices


Sony Xperia smartphones are specifically known for their high-end cameras they offer. In order to further cherish the magic of lens, Sony has today launched a new camera app known as “Voice balloon photo” for Xperia devices. The interesting part of this application is that the app adds few fun balloon dialogs to your images. What the application does is that it recognizes the voices around you and will automatically add speech balloons once you take an image.



Moreover, the app facilitates users to edit the speech balloons and move around and remove as desired. Thus we can say that Voice Balloon helps capture the mood of moment and place it in words. You can download this fun app by moving to the Play Store here. Here is a shot description about how to use the Voice Balloon app.


How to use Voice Balloon Photos
1. Start Camera and select Voice Balloon Photos.
2. Let the device recognize voices around you. Once voices are recognized, speech balloon will appear.
3. Tap the camera key to take photos with displayed speech balloons at your desired timing.
4. Once a photo is taken, you can move the speech balloons or change the theme. Tap on a speech balloon to remove it or edit its text.
5. Tap the save button.