Check out the beautiful Background defocus app from Sony


Sony Corp. is believed to be as one of the largest camera lens making company in the world and when it comes to delivering the best photography the company works much passionately on it! With mobile photo imaging getting much importance this days, Sony has come out with its Background defocus application on Google Play Store.

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However, Sony has launched this app to Xperia handsets running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and above. Background defocus is basically an imaging application that helps a user adjust their photo’s depth of field.


According to Sony, this app will give out best results while focusing on objects that are 15-45 cm away and the background is 5m away from your focused object. Initially, it might get a bit difficult to adjust the distances properly but once you know the trick, the results would be just magnificent.

So Xperia fans just get a quick hand on this app and check out its beautiful results.