Sony’s new upcoming “selfie” smartphone features a rotating camera


Sony recently announced its Xperia C3 which the company flaunts as the “world’s first selfie smartphone”. The Xperia C3 is designed as a “selfie” centric handset hosting a 5MP camera. Well, with this that Sony’s thirst to bring more selfie handsets doesn’t end with this! Sources show that company might come along with another “selfie” handset with a altogether different camera mechanism at its top from the conventional available handsets. Here are few of the images of the leaked device with some beautiful models giving a glimpse of it!

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The phone is supposed to have no buttons with extremely thin bezels on its sides. The images show the device to be having a rotating camera to its top. The camera seems to be enclosed in a transparent covering which turns from side-to-side to cover both front facing and back facing images.

Some of the leaked specs of the device suggest a 19.2MP camera shooter with Exmor RS Sensor. The camera is expected to be made with the latest G lens technology and have features like optical-image-stabilization.

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