Leaked Documents show Sony to bring new APCS camera sensors to smartphones


    Sony has always been ahead of the pack when it comes to bringing powerful camera modules to smartphones. Right from the 8MP Sony Exmor RS sensors few years back, the company recently brought a 20.7MP sensors to its recent Sony Xperia series flagships. However, a recent source has claimed that Sony is coming ahead with the company’s first APCS sensors. APCS stands for active pixel color sampling which means that each pixel sensor would sense colors of red, blue and green through the electronic color filter. From the technical point of view, this would mean that the camera module would produce significantly higher frame rates with better light sensitivity and color range along with lower battery use.

    Below is the leaked document that details the 4.8MP sensors of 1.0 and 1.5 inch in size capable of recording 2K videos 16000fps and for 4K video recording, it drops to 240fps. As the sensor is capable of recording the entire color spectrum with just one pixel, the processor need not interpret individual color frame from the camera unit while the sensor picks the dynamic color HDR for every shot.

    However, we are not sure as to when would Sony bring this sensor modules to smartphone but would certainly be a delight for photographers once its out in the market.