Best Grilling Apps for Summer Barbecues

In the summertime, many people love to pitch their tents outside for outdoor cooking with family and friends. The fun and bonding that takes place during this time are second to none. If you have never tried outdoor cooking during summer, you should plan for it this time. And if this has always been your routine for summer, you can brush up on your skill to have memorable cooking on an open flame. So, whether you are a first-timer or a regular in this, we are here to help you become king or queen of summer barbecue cooking.

When it comes to cooking on an open flame, accurate timing is key. Failure to be on track with your timing might make you end up with under-cooked or over-cooked foods. For this reason, we have researched and gathered for you the best grilling apps for your summer barbecues, which would help you in cooking with the perfect timing.

What Are the Best Grilling Apps for Summer Barbecues?

Without much delay, let’s get on to it!

1. Weber iGrill

Whenever Weber is mentioned, what comes to mind is perfection; you would agree with me if you have been using one or two of Weber products. This brand has been around for a while now, and they are ruling the grill market. Talk about world-class charcoal grills, electric grills, gas grills, grill accessories, and many more; Weber produces the premium best. For a brand with such a record, you should trust them to also manufacture the best grilling apps for summer barbecues.

Why Weber iGrill? 

If you have been a poor ‘griller’ all along, this app will help you get better and even become an expert in grilling. The Weber iGrill equips you with the master-chef techniques for making wonderful steaks, barbecues, ribs, and many more. This app comes with short step-by-step instructional videos that are explicit and easy to follow. The videos help you perfect your cooking skill so that every of your summer cooking would be a bomb.

With the app, you get set up guides for your grill. Say bye to hassles during setup. With these guides, setting up your grill would be an easy peasy even while your eyes are shut.

Sometimes, or maybe most times, the probability of your foods coming out nice depends on how well you prep them before they end up on the grill. So, talk about seasoning, marinating, and other forms of food prep, you have yourself a digital instructor to put you through.

The Weber iGrill is also equipped with a timer that helps you cook foods with the perfect timing. Say bye to overcooked vegetables and under-cooked steaks; you sure know how cooking fruits and vegetables over an open flame can be dicey. All you need to do is tell Weber iGrill how thick the food is and how cooked you want it. Then, you relax with family and friends while your food is being cooked to your desired taste and texture. And when your food is ready, Weber iGrill alerts you.

The app also comes with a gift of more than 300 recipes from Weber’s cookery books. Mind if I tell you that these cookbooks have gained recognition everywhere and attracted awards? So, you can trust these recipes, which were found out by world-class chefs. Included in each recipe are clear colored photos for easy understanding and grocery lists to guide you in purchasing the right ingredients.

2. GrillTime

Another of the best apps for summer barbecues, which we find interesting, is the GrillTime. GrillTime is a well-known brand for excellence and efficiency. They have been in the grilling business for over a decade and have gathered customers all around the world, thanks to their loyalty to making super-efficient grills, grill tools, premium fresh meats, and on-the-spot grilled meat.

Why GrillTime? 

GrillTime is one grilling app that would make you a pro effortlessly. This app has everything you need to make juicy and tender foods – not under-cooked, not burnt. It goes all the way to give you suggestions on how hot the grill should be when cooking a particular type of food when to flip the food, and even the perfect internal temperature for the foods. All you need to do is to select the food you are cooking and leave the app to do its business while you go about yours.

It might also interest you to know that you can set the timer for different foods at a time. If you do not know when to add a particular food, this app will notify you of the next food to add such that everything will get ready at the same time – both steaks that take longer to cook and the vegetables that do not take as long. It is a perfect app to use when you are cooking for both vegetarians and carnivores at the same time.

With this app, you can say bye to babysitting. Put this smart boy at work, and you can play a game or catch up with friends without bothering about having a lousy grilling day. When everything is done, you will get a ping on your Apple watch.

3. The Pit Pal

We have the fantastic super-efficient Pit Pal on our list. You might be familiar with this brand, but I would be glad to fill you in if you are not. The Pit Pal is a brand focused on BBQ app for Android devices. This brand’s primary goal is to help their customers produce more consistent BBQ quality, and I can tell you that quite a number of people have had incredible experiences with The Pit Pal.

The Pit Pal users include tailgaters, chefs, restaurateurs, BBQ competitors, and those who have a passion for outdoor cooking.

Why The Pit Pal? 

The pit Pal works with all Android devices, and as you cook, you can read your food temperature, as well as the smoker’s temperature from your mobile device. This app is super easy to use. All you need to is enter the food type and details.

The Pit Pal allows you to cook multiple foods at the same time and set multiple timers. You can use it to track your cooking to know when the next food would come in. Not only does it track time and temperature, but this amazing app is also capable of tracking, keeping records, and notifying you of when to add coal or wood and the type of wood being used.

While cooking, you can record your cooking details and store them in the cook archive for future reference. If you also like taking pictures of foods you cooked and the outcome of every cooking, you should go for this BBQ app. Interestingly, you can take the pictures directly from The Pit Pal, and the pictures go straight into your cook archive automatically.

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Do you need a grill app to help you achieve easier and more accurate grilling? Check out some of these best models we have reviewed. The grill apps reviewed above are some of the best grill apps for summer barbecues. Choose a suitable one and get ready for a series of memorable outdoor cooking experience during summer. I tell you, you would never get tired of grilling.

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