Best Tablets for 2-Year Old – Top 8 Picks in 2021

Get your kids inclined with technology very early in life by buying them any soon to be reviewed best tablets for 2-year old. You will engage them with the latest kid shows, games, and videos while putting that time to good personal use. These devices are very affordable and can fit into any budget, no matter how tight.

Top 8 Best Tablets for 2-Year Old

Our team of experts has gone deep into the tablet brands we currently have in the market for this year, and they have come back with eight amazing products. These devices are worth every pen because they are durable enough to serve you kids and come with amazing features that are jaw-dropping. These selected brands include:

1. Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet - Best Recommended

In case you are looking for the best tablet for homeschooling, our top choice tablet is certainly the ideal choice. Firstly, the device comes with a seven-inch full HD screen. Hence, you get to give your kids all the learning and entertainment on a premium crystal clear screen. The screen is appealing and safe for your kids' eyes. One would then think this device will not be affordable with all the amazing features it comes with, but guess what is less than a hundred dollars.

The device comes with one year of access to Amazon Kids+, and as such, you have access to over twenty thousand games, videos, audiobooks, and many more for your kids. It is carefully crafted to be very lightweight to ensure that your kid can decently handle it without having to deal with too much weight. The device also comes with a 2MP rear and front camera for that quick selfie with your kid.

When fully charged, this device can last for as long as seven hours before you need another recharge. Hence, you will enjoy a reasonable power time. The device also comes with an internal storage capacity of 16GB, which is expandable to up to 512GB using the external micro SD card slot. In addition to this, the device comes with a protective pouch that comes with an integrated stand to ensure maximum fun time and adequate protection.

Pros and Benefits

  • Comes with a protective pouch
  • Impressive battery life
  • Full HD screen
  • Very lightweight

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kid Tablets - Best for toddlers

This is perhaps the best tablet for toddlers because of its amazing battery life. When fully charged, this device can last for as long as thirteen hours. Hence, your kids can enjoy all the premium entertainment and educational engagement you want to enjoy using a tablet. The amazing battery life won't matter if you don't enjoy enough protection to keep your device durable.

Thus, this device comes with a top-notch bumper protective case to protect this device from bumps and drop impacts. With this protection, this eight-inch screen is protected from almost all forms of damage. The screen is also in full HD so that your kids can enjoy all that is there to enjoy on a crystal clear screen.

Furthermore, this device comes with acute Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity features. You will find the internal storage capacity utterly sufficient. This is because it has a 32GB internal storage, which you can further expand using the external micro SD card slot. It also comes with parental control that allows you to monitor, control, and regulate the contents your kids are exposed to.

Pros and Benefits

  • The reliable parental control feature
  • Full HD screen
  • 13-hours battery life
  • Great internal storage capacity

3. LeapFrog LeapPad Academy Kids’ Learning Tablet

The LeapFrog brand has dedicated itself to bringing to the market products designed for education and learning purposes. Therefore, if you are looking for the best learning tablet for 2-year old, this particular device seems your best bet. Buying this device will give you access to the LeapFrog App Center, where you or your kids will have access to over a thousand learning activities.

Your kids will also have access to the LeapFrog web browser designed to be kid-friendly and facilitate easy learning. The screen is a full HD screen that makes learning and entertainment very appealing because of the crystal clear nature of the display. Furthermore, this device can last for as long as seven hours before it is due for another recharge when fully charged.

Talking about the capacity, you get to enjoy a 16GB internal storage that is expandable to up to 32GB using the external micro SD slot. You also have a front and rear camera to up your kids' selfies of photography skills. This device weighs just about 1.61 pounds and is comfortable for any toddler to handle without any trouble.

Pros and Benefits

  • Great for learning purposes
  • Comes with access to educational content and a kid-friendly browser
  • Amazing battery life
  • Crustal clear HD display and sufficient internal storage capacity

4. Dragon Touch Y88X Pro 7 inch Kids Tablets

The amazing thing about kids' tablets is that brands have stayed competitive in marketing their products. This is because features are so similar and the added value the brands add to their devices is what sets their brand apart from the rest. This particular brand gives you access to eighteen books and six audiobooks that your kids can learn from. The content of these free books is entertaining and educative at the same time. Your kids have an advantage over other kids who don't use this brand.

Moreover, your kids will enjoy all content in a digital display rendered in a crystal clear full HD screen. This screen is a seven-inch super screen with a fluid ink display for perfect color representation. The device comes with a 2MP rear and front camera to take amazing pictures with. When fully charged with a solid lithium-ion battery, this device can last for as long as eight hours, which is just perfect for kids.

It comes with a protective cover that helps prevent the device from suffering impact when it falls or hits anything. The protective cover comes with an integrated stand that helps to mount your device in a desirable position for your kids. Furthermore, it comes with a 16GB internal storage capacity that is expandable using the external micro SD card slot.

Pros and Benefits

  • Protective overs with integrated stand
  • Full HD screen
  • Digital camera and powerful battery life
  • 16GB internal storage capacity

5. VANKYO MatrixPad Z1 Kids Seven-Inch Tablet

Here is a tablet that offers the durability and flexibility for all age brackets. Hence, you are looking at the best tablet for 1-year old kids. This is because it comes with a protective cover that offers complete protection against any rough handling kids may give to this device. The protective cover also comes with a 360-rotatable stand that allows your kid to position the device in their most desirable spot.

When fully charged, this device with a 2500mAh battery can last for as long as eight hours before there is any other need for a recharge. The device also comes with adequate parental control that puts you in charge of all the content your kids are exposed to. You can regulate to ensure their tablet is only engaged in entertaining and educative purposes.

The screen of this device is seven-inch wide and features a full HD premium display. Hence, all contents are rendered appealing to your kids. Furthermore, it comes with an internal storage capacity of 32GB that is expandable to up to 128GB using the external micro SD card slot.

Pros and Benefits

  • Powerful battery
  • Premium HD display
  • Great internal storage capacity
  • Top-notch parental capacity

6. Contixo V8-2 7-inch Kids Tablets

If you don't want to go through the trouble of installing an educative application on your kids' tablet, then this device is for you. They come with so many pre-installed top-rated educative applications that are approved by educators. All you need is just one click installation, and you are good to go. Aside from this, you get to enjoy unfettered access to many other Google applications that you can enjoy from.

This device puts you in charge. It comes with a parental control feature that allows you access to control, monitor, and regulate the content your kids are exposed to. Talking about content, you get to see this content displayed through a full HD seven-inch screen. You also get to enjoy a usable 16GB internal storage capacity.

This internal storage can be expanded using the external micro SD slot that can support up to 128GB. You will find the 2MP rear camera very handy for some nice snapshots. Also, when fully charged, this device can last for as long as ten hours. This is all thanks to the 3200mAh battery that comes with this device.

Pros and Benefits

  • Powerful battery
  • 16GB internal storage capacity
  • Full HD screen with scratch resistance
  • Pre-installed educational applications

7. Mattel SNBJR-MT5C nabi Junior Learning Tablet - Best kindle for kids

From the exterior design, you will understand that this device is specifically designed for kids. The colors are popping and very appealing to toddlers, and they come with pre-installed applications dedicated to educational and entertainment purposes. With over thirty applications dedicated to reading, learning new words, you can boldly say that this device is the best kindle for kids.

Now to the fun part. This device comes with a camera that is rotatable up to a 180-degree angle. You or your kids can tilt the camera to take pictures and videos. A quad-core processor powers it, so you should expect acute responsiveness.

Furthermore, the device has an 8GB internal storage capacity to save more data, install more applications, and so on. It is also Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth enabled. When fully charged, you will enjoy up to eight hours of battery life, which is just ideal to ensure maximum educational and entertainment purposes.

Pros and Benefits

  • Rotatable camera
  • Pre-installed applications for reading and gaming
  • Reliable battery life
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled

8. Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Smart Tablet

For toddlers who are setting out to learn new things, the device is the most ideal. They learn from scratch using the kind of technological features they can relate to and easily understand. Thus, if your kid is setting out to learn new words, numbers, or alphabets, then this device will come in handy.

They come with simple displays that kids between one to six years of age can easily understand and use. The screen can then be used to learn the alphabet, numbers, and even learn new words. The good news is that this device is programmed to support two languages. This device supports both English and Spanish.

Since it is essentially designed for learning, it has certain features that might not be seen on a regular tablet. The device comes with a flip-out stand for easy and more flexible use. All the learning is already programmed. Hence, no need for any installation. Also, the device uses AA batteries.

Pros and Benefits

  • Dedicated to learning for beginners
  • Bilingual support
  • No need for application installations
  • Flip stand for support

Notes When Using Tablets for 2-Year Olds

Two years olds toddlers are not fully aware of certain things. Hence, you need to ensure that their tablet has protective covers. This is to ensure their safety as well as ensure the durability of this device. Hence, when the tablet falls, it is incapable of wounding your child or damage the device.

Also, always take note of the brightness level of the tablet for your kids. This ensures that the brightness stays at the level where it doesn't affect your kids' eyes. Because kids are smart too, always activate parental control to make sure contents on your kid's tablet are well regulated.


Getting your kids good learning tablets is a great way of helping them get acquainted with the use of modern technology. Aside from getting them engaged with educational and entertaining content, you can as well have your little personal time while your kids stay engaged.

We know tablets for kids are similar, and buyers rarely notice the difference. Hence, we bring you eight top products. These devices are the most affordable best tablet for 2-years old you can get your kids. Please select the one that you think would appeal the most to your kids and let them have a swell time.

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