Best Tablets For Photo Editing – Top 8 Picks and Buying Guide

Photo editing can now be done using your tablet devices; you don't necessarily need a laptop or a desktop computer. Hence you must get the best tablet for photo editing at your disposal; this is why we have reviewed the best tablets that would give you the best result when editing your photos.

Top 8 Best Tablets for Photo Editing

Deciding which tablet device to purchase amongst the various products available in the market can be very confusing, time-consuming, and consequently exhausting. There are lots of brands available, and so this is quite understandable. To save you the stress of doing the research yourself, we have done all the research necessary and have helped to select the 8 best tablets for photo editing for you to decide.

Although some of these brands are super expensive, even more than some premium cameras, you'll realize that it's worth the price when you consider the quality of all the edited photos. Therefore, if you need a photo editing device as a replacement for your desktop, you should consider the following tablet devices.

1. Apple iPad Pro Tablet - Best Recommended

Source: Apple

Apple has always proven true to its name, as this is another fantastic product from apple store. This version has the best tablet screen ever and offers you the best editing experience along with a good result, and this is why we have listed it as the first product on our list.

This apple product successfully brought the A12X Bionic chip to the market, and this is one of the most powerful mobile processors ever brought to the market. The chip has an additional Neural Engine attached to it and boasts of having machine learning capabilities. Another advantage of this tablet is the chipset's speed, which is very fast (faster than some laptop devices). This feature makes it very easy to use Photoshop Lightroom to edit raw files successfully.

Furthermore, the tab pencil attached to this product is of great advantage when editing or retouching your edits. It has a flat side that stops it from rolling and features a touch-sensitive side, enabling you to change the settings easily, allowing you to make selections quickly. The battery life also allows you to work for about 10 hours after a power interruption. Consequently, this tablet offers you all you need to work using either Lightroom or Photoshop, as well as other apps for professional photo editing effectively.

Pros and Benefits

  • Slim exquisite design.
  • Liquid Retina display.
  • A12X Bionic Chip.
  • 10-hour battery life.
  • Very fast.
  • Machine learning abilities.
  • Fast LTE cellular data.

2. Apple iPad Mini - Best pen tablets for photo editing

Slightly different from the Apple iPad Pro, this tablet is another fantastic product made by Apple and can serve effectively as one of the best pen tablets for photo editing by professional photographers.  It has an A12 Bionic chip, which ensures it is swift and can quickly carry out instructions. The product also possesses a fingerprint sensor that can be triggered by Touch ID.

Furthermore, this mini version of the Apple iPad has a screen of 7.9" which allows you to carry out your work with little or no stress. This feature also makes it the ideal traveling companion for photographers who would love working while on a journey. This way, the tablet combines the portable size alongside the power to run the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom successfully, making it a great editing tool.

Lastly, the battery capacity is super huge and very advantageous; the battery can last a total of about 10 hours after a power failure; this helps prevent your work's interruption, allowing you to maximize your time effectively. These and many more are why an Apple iPad Mini is advised for use as a professional photographer.

Pros and Benefits

  • Affordable.
  • A12 Bionic chip.
  • Good battery life.
  • Can run Lightroom.
  • Fingerprint Sensor.

3. Samsung Galaxy S6 - Best graphic tablets

Finally, Android photographers can now choose from several available options for them to choose from when it comes to the best graphic tablets for photo editing. The Galaxy S6 has many features that can be used to the advantage of every photographer; this product features a high-resolution OLED display that is also highly responsive. It can easily be transformed into a PC desktop by attaching the keyboard to it, alongside its built-in trackpad, thus providing a unique experience while editing your photos.

In addition to that, this comes with an S Pen, which allows you to skip or pause motions while working by pressing the button; it also allows you to make immediate changes on the screen while you work too. The battery life is also another advantage, as the tablet can run an extra 15 hours if there is a power interruption, thus allowing you to work quickly without any form of delay.

Furthermore, the tablet can perform multiple functions at the same time. Hence, you can open/launch your editing apps without worries regarding lags or interruptions; this is because the tablet's processor is super fast and can work efficiently with different apps opened. Hence, the Galaxy Tab S6 is a very significant device for editing your photos in place of a desktop.

Pros and Benefits

  • Provides Desktop experience.
  • Fast mobile processor.
  • Quality S Pen.
  • Weight is light.
  • 15 hours of battery life.
  • Display size of 10.5ʺ.

4. Samsung Galaxy S4 Tablet

This is a favorite amongst several photographers and belongs to the 4th generation of the Samsung S series tablets. It has a lot of features which makes it an excellent choice for editing your photos. Firstly, the tablet has a high-resolution Super AMOLED display screen of 10.5 ʺ. The screen enables you to work even when the sun is up.

Like the Samsung S6 after it, it also has an S Pen, which increases its photo editing capabilities and the S Pen stylus comes attached to it, so you don't have to spend extra money on getting a new one. The tablet also has 4GB RAM, Android 8.1 Oreo, and the octa-core 835 Snapdragon chipset.

Furthermore, this device has a 7,300 mAh battery capacity, which is enough to last you about a day, allowing you to work effectively for an extended period. It also has extra features like Samsung DeX, which will enable you to convert your tablet into a mini-computer, while the SD card slot can accommodate cards that total about 400GB, allowing you enough space to store your edited pictures. All these features contribute to why this device is a great asset in the hands of photographers looking for an excellent tablet to edit their photos.

Pros and Benefits

  • DeX transforms tablets to PC.
  • AMOLED Display screen.
  • S Pen included.
  • 4GB RAM.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Superfast.

5. XP-PEN 15.6 Pro Tablet

Do you need a suitable device with a great, efficient drawing pen of about 15.6 inches in size? This device is what you need; it uses full-laminated technology, a feature that allows the glass and screen to merge properly together to see the happenings on the screen. It also supplies a valid color code using about 120% sRGB, which can help you deliver rich color. 

Furthermore, it has an added feature now, as seen in the innovative Red Dial user interface, which is very responsive and deviates from the traditional display of pen, hence making it more efficient. This feature allows you to scroll up and down, zoom in and out and do a lot more on the canvas, thus giving you better chances to edit and carry out unique designs. The device also has the Artist 15.6 Pro, which is slim and comes with the purchase device. The brightness can also be adjusted easily, making it easy and comfortable to use while working.

Finally, this device is compatible with the latest versions of Windows, Mac OS X (version 10.10). It can work efficiently with most editing and graphics software, including Illustrator, Painter, Photoshop, Clip Studio, etc.

Pros and Benefits

  • Supports 60° tilt function.
  • Red Dial Interface.
  • Battery-free pen.
  • Color accuracy of 120%sRGB.
  • Full laminated screen technology.
  • AC 41 stand.

6. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Tablet

This tablet is every photographer's delight; it combines the task of a studio and a tablet, allowing you to draw, write, touch, and edit your photo. It has a detachable keyboard attached to the form tablet. It runs faster than its predecessor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, as it possesses an intel core processor belonging to the 10th generation.

Additionally, this tablet has a high display resolution of 2736×1824 (267 PPI), allowing you to work effectively with it, without any form of stress. It also has a good and long-lasting battery capacity, with a life of about 10.5 hours after a power outage; this enables you to work for a long time without any interruption. It also has super-fast charging capacity, a feature that ensures your device gets filled up in no time after you start charging.

Finally, the tablet has 8GB space capacity enough to store your edited photos and accommodate 256GB SSD size. All these are reasons why you should definitely purchase this tablet for your use.

Pros and Benefits

  • 12.3” responsive screen.
  • 10.5 hours battery life.
  • Super-fast processor.
  • Enough memory spaces.
  • Quality display resolution.

7. GAOMON PD1161 Tablet

This is a fantastic product from the GAOMON brand and is specifically designed with designers in mind, a professional tool for expert digital designers. It is used for digital drawings, 3D artwork, sketching, graphic design, animation, this is why it is the best android tablet for photo editing.  It also comes with a pen that doesn't require a battery and has 2 programmable buttons.

An additional advantage of this product, which sets it apart from other editing tablets, is 8 shortcut keys that can be customized to suit your design requirements; you can set it to either zoom in and out or scroll up and down. This is very important as it allows you to work at a faster pace while you are editing your photos.

Furthermore, the screen resolution is very high and allows you to view your work comfortably and adequately. Finally, it supports a broad range of editing/designing software such as Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, OpenCanvas, Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, etc.

Pros and Benefits

  • Battery-free pen.
  • 8 shortcut keys.
  • Compatible with design apps.
  • Best tool for designers.
  • High screen resolution.

8. Wacom Cintiq DTK2200 Tablet

This tablet is a high graphic tablet monitor, which is designed for use by professional artists, designers, etc. it has great technology with an extensive range of attributes. First of all, it has a first-class matrix covering the entire color range on the sRGB scale, thus giving you enough options to choose from the color scale while editing your photos.

It is also super fast with a processor speed of about 14 milliseconds, allowing you to work at a fast rate. It also has a 21-inches Pen stylus, which can be used to do direct work on the surface of your monitor. The pen is sensitive and can be used to perform other editing tasks and designing tools such as markers, pens, and brushes.

Finally, it possesses an Express Keys Panel, which allows you to successfully set a value or effectively combine keys for all the buttons present on the tablet. It will enable you to move to the Touch Strip tab or the touch area. This allows you to save a lot of time while working by customizing the tools to meet your design needs. As a result, the Wacom 22HD DTK2200 Cintiq tablet is needed by every editor to serve their professional needs.

Features and Benefits

  • 22-inches HD display.
  • Versatile in function.
  • Sensitive pen technology.
  • Express keys save time.
  • Fast processor speed.

Best Tablets For Photo Editing - Things To Consider

There are several tablets available for use in place of your desktop, and it can be confusing picking one based on their different features. Hence it is crucial you know what to look out for when sourcing for a tablet to carry out professional photo editing.

The Display Capacity

The display quality is a crucial factor to consider; you need a useful device that can produce excellent and clear images. This is because whatever result your tablet makes is what would be reflected on another device, so if your colors are not clear and accurate, then expect the same on a different device. Hence, while purchasing a tablet to edit photos, you should go for a one that has a minimum of 1920×1080 display.

Processor Speed

The processor speed is what determines the performance of your software. To avoid lagging and slow working pace, it is essential to acquire a reasonable performance tablet. A powerful CPU will ensure a reduction in lag rate and thus help you increase the speed at which you work, making it easy to edit several photos efficiently per day.

Battery Life

This also goes a long way to determine the efficiency of your tablet. You need a device with a useful battery lifespan to enable you to work without interruption for long hours, even while on the road.

Storage Capacity

The device's primary storage and external storage capacity, too, is a vital factor to consider if you need to purchase the best graphics tablet for photo editing. You require a large amount of storage space to store successfully all the images you need to edit and those you have edited. And you need to be able to do that without causing phone lag due to insufficient storage. So, ensure you put this into proper consideration when buying.

Screen Responsiveness

The screen has to be very responsive while in use. It would be best to have a tablet with a touch screen that responds fast to the slightest pressure from your hands or the pen.

Screen Size

This is equally important as it would determine, to no small extent, the pace at which you work efficiently. It would be best if you had a tablet with the right size such that you don't have to strain your eyes when using.

Supported Software

Just buying a tablet will not be enough; you need a good one that can support all your favorite photo editing/graphic design software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, etc.


With the different brands and quality of tablets available in the market, it can be complicated to make a final decision to purchase the best tablets for photography that suits your needs.

To make the decision making easy for you, we have examined these tablets in the market and come up with 8 best tablets for photo editing. These products have been selected based on their features, such as their processor speed, display resolution, capabilities, and in the case of a budget limit, price. And so whatever your needs are in a photo editing tablet, be rest assured these will meet up to your expectations.

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