Best Tablets for Reading 2021 – Top 8 Reviews of Ereaders

They may not be the most important device to own, but tablets can be quite functional. If you love reading digital books, you can significantly improve your reading experience with the right tablet. To make it less confusing for you to select the right ereaders, we have selected and critically reviewed some of the best models available. Here are some of the best tablets for reading.

Top 8 Best Tablets for Reading

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – Best Recommended

If you find reading books digitally convenient enough, you should check out the Kindle Paperwhite tablet, which is designed exclusively for reading purposes. While it is not as flashy as a lot of the devices on the market, the impressive functionality of the device make it into one of the best we reviewed. It features a thin and lightweight plastic constriction and is comfortable enough to hold for extended periods. Additionally, it features 3G wireless connectivity, so you can always download books when there’s no WiFi connection.

It features a 6” display with a 300 PPI resolution, which is quite poor if you need a tablet for watching movies and playing games. However, it is perfect for reading, as the text display is incredibly sharp. Furthermore, the display is glare-free, and you can read comfortably in any light condition. With all its interesting features, what we found most impressive is that it is waterproof. It comes in 8 GB and 32 GB storage options, so you can choose depending on how much content you have to save. As it now features Audible, you can now listen to audiobooks on headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Pros + Key Features

  • It is waterproof
  • 3G wireless connectivity
  • It supports Audible
  • Available in 8 GB and 32 GB storage options
  • Slim and lightweight design

2. Amazon Kindle Oasis - Best kindle to buy

The Kindle Oasis is another offering from Amazon and is arguably the best kindle to buy for reading purposes. Its design is simplistic enough, with a wedged-shaped grip on the back for better handling. It features a 7-inch, 300 PPI display that offers decent text clarity. What we love the most is the adjustable warm light feature that makes it possible to adjust the shade of the screen from white light to warm amber. However, we found it more impressive that the front light’s brightness automatically adjusts based on the surrounding lighting situation.

As it comes with the unique Audible feature, you can easily switch between reading and listening through speakers or headphones. Furthermore, you get up to 32 GB of internal storage space to store as many materials as you love.  Compared to the Kindle Paperwhite, it is more expensive, but that is justified as it comes with improved features. The battery life is also impressive, and the manufacturers rate it to last for about 15 hours of reading on a full charge.

Pros + Key Features

  • 300 ppi 7-inch display
  • Adjustable warm light
  • It works with Audible
  • 8 GB and 32 GB storage options

3. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet - Best for reading books

Amazon tablets abound on our best ereader tablet’s list because the brand is particularly committed to improving the reader’s experience. If you need a tablet for watching videos in addition to reading, the Fire 7 Tablet is a perfect option for you. It comes with a 7-inch IPS display for an improved visual experience. The tablet is available in 16 GB or 32 GB storage options. However, if you find those insufficient, you can always expand the storage up to 512 GB with a microSD card.

Also, it features a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor that makes it responsive enough to handle several other tasks apart from reading. The 1 GB RAM combines well with the processor for decent performance. On a full charge, the battery can last for 7 hours of browsing, reading, watching movies, listening to music, and surfing the net. Furthermore, the device comes with 2 MP front and rear cameras. For connectivity, it is dual-band WiFi enabled. We are not very impressed with the audio quality, but if what you need is the best tablet for reading books that can also perform additional functions, you should check the Fire 7 Tablet out.

Pros + Key Features

  • 90-day warranty
  • Dual-band WiFi connectivity
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 4 hour charge time
  • 7-inch IPS display

4. Amazon Kindle Tablet - Best for reading pdf

The Amazon Kindle Tablet may look basic, but it is one of the best tablet for reading pdf. One of the things to consider in a tablet device for reading is the display. This device features adjustable front lights so that you can read comfortably in outdoor and indoor spaces. The 6-inch display is glare-free and has a resolution of 167 PPI. It comes with an internal storage space of 8 GB to hold as many digital books as you have.

The battery life is quite impressive and can support thirty minutes of daily reading for four weeks. It takes just 4 hours to charge the battery fully. As the device supports Audible, you can listen to audiobooks with headphones or via a Bluetooth speaker. Another significant thing we like about the Amazon Kindle Tablet is that it is designed for comfortable handling; it is lightweight enough to be held in one hand. If you need a tablet solely for reading purposes but have a limited budget, the Amazon Kindle Tablet is a nice budget option to consider.

Pros + Key Features

  • 8 GB storage space
  • 167 PPI resolution
  • It is WiFi-enabled
  • Adjustable front light

5. Kobo Clara HD E-Reader

What sets the Kobo Clara HD E-Reader apart from most tablets designed for reading is the public library access, making it possible to borrow books from digital libraries. In addition to that, it features a 6-inch display with a resolution of 300 PPI. Like you would expect, it has a lightweight design and is very comfortable to hold. It does come with a micro-USB charging port that is located close to the power button. While some tablets have slow page transition, the page transition on the Kobo Clara HD E-Reader is instant.

Powered by a 1 GHz processor that combines well with a 512 MB RAM, it is not the fastest or most responsive tablet, but it is sufficiently functional enough for reading purposes. Thanks to the 8 GB of storage that comes with it, you can store as many books as you like. We love the unique ComfortLight Pro technology that makes use of a blue-light filter to reduce blue-light exposure at night so that sleep will not be hindered.

Pros + Key Features

  • Public library support
  • It is a lightweight device
  • 300 PPI display
  • 8 GB internal storage space
  • 6-inch Carta E Ink touchscreen

6. Apple iPad Mini - Best tablet for reading magazines

If you can afford to invest a significant amount in a reading tablet, the Apple iPad Mini is one of the high-end models available on the market. Thanks to its lightweight design and long battery life, you can bring the device along with you when you’re on the move and use it all day without having to charge. It features a 7.9-inch Retina Display with True Tone and Wide Color for one of the best visual experience you can get in a tablet for reading. The device is available in the WiFi-supported version or WiFi + Cellular version.

Powered by an A12 bionic chip, it is one of the best performing tablets, if not the best, on our list. It comes with an 8 MP rear camera and a 7 MP front camera to capture pictures and make video calls. Furthermore, the 10-hour battery-life is as strong as you would like it to be. While it is more expensive than most of the devices on our list, it has several features that justify the price tag and make it one of the best tablet for reading magazines.

Pros + Key Features

  • 1080p HD video recording
  • A12 Bionic chip
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a handy tablet that closely resembles a smartphone. The lightweight and small size notwithstanding, it is a very functional device that is ideal for several other activities like gaming and browsing, in addition to reading. It comes with a 7-inch LCD, with a resolution of 800 X 1280p. Of all the devices we reviewed, it has one of the best screen qualities. To make it more suitable for reading, you can always use the reading mode on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A to display softer color.

The device runs on a 1.5 GHz processor, complemented by a 1.5 GB RAM for optimal performance. If you find the onboard storage of 8 GB insufficient, you can always add up to 200 GB of storage with a microSD. For pictures and video calls, it features a 5 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera. The battery life is also impressive, as it can last for up to 11 hours if fully charged. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, you can do much more than just reading.

Pros + Key Features

  • Preloaded radio app
  • Dual camera
  • Long lasting battery
  • 8 GB internal storage

8. Sony DPT-CP1/B 10” Digital Paper

If you need the best android tablet for reading, this Sony device is another great option to consider. One of the highlights of the tablet is the display quality. It comes with a 10.3-inch display that ensures comfortable, long term reading, as it is designed to prevent glare. The large display size, regardless, it is a lightweight device that is easy to carry around. While there is no way to expand the storage space, the 16 GB onboard storage can hold about 10000 PDF files.

The display has a resolution of 1872 X 1404 and 227 PPI and features a capacitive layer for a more responsive reaction. It works on a Marvell IAP 140 64-bit Quad-core that combines well with 1 GB of RAM for a decent performance. For connectivity, the tablet is Bluetooth 4.2 enabled. Additionally, it comes with a highly functional stylus that makes it a perfect model for digital note-taking. Depending on usage, the battery can last up to a week when fully charged. If you own the Sony DOT-CP1, you can automatically sync content form cloud services to Digital Paper.

Pros + Key Features

  • Thin, lightweight design
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • Comes with a stylus for note-taking
  • Bluetooth enabled

Best Tablets for Reading – What to Look For?

There are certain features and factors that make some tablets more suitable for reading than others. When choosing a tablet for reading, these factors should be considered if you hope to make a good choice. Here are some of the things to look for when buying a tablet for reading.

1. Display

One of the most significant features to consider is the quality and size of the display. The E-Ink Carta Technology is a very common display feature in many reading tablets because it reduces strain on the eyes by making the display look paper-like. Some other tablets use IPS displays. Large screen size is not always the best; clarity and responsiveness are more important things to consider.

2. Durability

For reading purposes, you can be more forgiving about durability. Nonetheless, it would help if you did not go for devices that won’t stand the test of time. The construction material influences how durable a device is. Any device you choose should have a sturdy build. We also recommend that you consider the waterproof protection.

3. Access to Digital Book Stores

If you need to get books from online stores and libraries, your device should provide access to them. Not all tablets feature online access, but the more online bookstores and libraries a device has access to, the better.

4. Battery Life

It will help if you consider battery life, as it influences how long you can use the device without charging it. Reading doesn’t require as much power as browsing or gaming, so the battery should last long enough. Most tablets can go on for days or even weeks when used exclusively for reading purposes.

5. Storage

Digital reading materials do not take a lot of space, so the onboard storage space that comes with a tablet should be sufficient for you. Nevertheless, if you feel the onboard storage is insufficient, check for microSD slots to expand the storage. Access to cloud storage can substitute for microSDs.

6. Operating System

The iOS and Android are the commonest operating systems in reading tablets. However, some do feature other unique systems. The most important thing is to understand the nature of any option before you choose it. They all have unique advantages and disadvantages. As usual, we favor the Android OS, as it is the most user-friendly option.


This selection and review of the best tablets for reading features devices that are designed to enhance reading and learning experience. If you are in need of a device exclusively for reading purposes, consider any of these several options. We also included some versatile models that can serve other functions in addition to reading. We hope you found this piece interesting and helpful.

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