7 Best Tablets for Taking Notes in 2021

Enjoy the full advantage of technology and stop carrying those paper pads. All you need is a tablet, and you can do all the writing that traditional writing pads can do, and even more. In case you are looking for the best tablets for taking notes, but you haven't found one, we are about to review seven amazing devices you can choose.

Top 7 Best Tablets for Taking Notes

1. Apple 12.9-Inch iPad Pro - Best Recommended

With an Apple pro pen that is magnetically attached to this device, you are set to enjoy all the amazingness of a great tablet. One of the most delightful features in this design is that it comes with a 12.9-inch screen, wide enough for you to work freely on. Never again do you have to be limited by the tiny little screen when trying to take notes.

You just won’t be writing on just any screen, but you will be writing on a super sleek edge-to-edge liquid retina screen display. The retina display also comes with P3 wide color feature and a ProMotion feature that makes this Apple device the best tablet for writing. In case you are wondering what all of these means, all you need to understand is that the screen is wide and comes with a premium HD features that allows effortless writing.

That isn't all. You will enjoy all of these features and more extra loaded features. The device comes with a 12MP wide rear camera and a 10MP front camera to take all your amazing pictures. This camera also helps in rendering a full facial ID secure authentication. Be rest assured of a reliable battery time of up to ten hours. Furthermore, you have up to 128GB of internal storage to save all your data and information.

Pros and Benefits

  • Amazing full HD screen display for flawless writing
  • Sufficient internal storage
  • Powerful magnetic Apple pen
  • Reliable battery time

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 10.5-Inch Tab

A great feature you need to identify in any great tablet is how crisp and sensitive the screen is to the touch of its pen. If anything this Samsung device is renowned for, it will be the super AMOLED display, which is very sleek and crisp. Hence, you enjoy effortless writing with your device. Since you are equally blessed with a wide 10.5-inch screen, you have a reasonably wide space you can write on without any difficulty whatsoever.

When you are done writing, this device can easily be converted into a PC, as all you need to do just your keyboard. The S pen is hypersensitive and always ready to translate your ideas and sketches into useful information. With a 64GB internal storage capacity, you are set to enjoy adequate storage capacity to cater for all your needs. This storage is expandable to up to 512GB using the external micro SD card slot on this device.

Furthermore, the battery gives reliable support to all your note-taking needs. Hence, this device can last for about twelve hours before you might need a recharge when fully charged. With a weight that is just a little above a pound, this device is very lightweight and easy to carry about. You will also enjoy a 13MP rear camera that you can use for amazing snapshots.

Pros and Benefits

  • Crisp full HD screen
  • 12-hour battery capacity
  • Impressive internal storage
  • Responsive pen-screen interaction

3. Apple 7.9-Inch iPad Mini

For those who want something not exactly big but big enough to be called a tab, this is just the right device for you. This device compatible with the Apple Pencil, making it easy for you to effortlessly write and sketch just as you please on your tablet screen. Everything you will find on the screen is displayed in full HD. Hence, you will enjoy an amazing liquid retina screen display feature that creates fluid sync with your pen and the screen.

You will not be writing on just any screen but meaningfully on a 7.9-inch screen that is wide enough to write almost as if you are using a traditional paper notepad. To ensure an unrestricted use of this device, the manufacturers have ensured that it comes with a powerful lithium battery that can last for as long as ten hours before the need to recharge arises.

Furthermore, you will enjoy a 64GB internal storage capacity, which is enough to ensure you save as enough file as you may desire to save. Also, we know you don't want to only use your tablet for note-taking. Hence, we are pleased to announce that this device also comes with a powerful 8MP rear camera and a 7MP front HDR camera to take beautiful pictures and create awesome memories.

Pros and Benefits

  • Super fast processor
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Reliable battery and powerful camera
  • Full HD screen

4. Wacom DTC133W0A One Digital Drawing Tablet

As a graphic design artist, you might need something that can give you that close to notepad feel for a quick sketch of ideas. Here is a device that is great for every art and animation beginner and even pros. It offers everyone the flexibility you need to have a decent sketch and note-taking tasks.

One of these features will be the amazingly wide 13.3inch screen. What this means is that you have sufficient space on the screen to flex your ideas. This screen is a full HD screen with an excellent resolution that showcases the full-color range. Also, this device is compatible with most creative software, which is why creatives all over the world see this device as one of the best tablets for taking notes.

The pen that comes with it feels like a real pen. It doesn't require batteries or charging. Just use it the way you would use your traditional writing pen, and you are good to go. When fully charged, you can use this device for as long as twelve hours before you ever need a recharge.

Pros and Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Compatible with most creative software
  • A full HD screen support
  • Efficient battery capacity

5. Sony DPT-CP1/B 10-Inch Digital Paper

Here is a digital paper ideal for those who want something different from your regular tablet. Firstly, the thickness of this entire digital paper is almost like thickness of thirty pieces of paper. Also, the writing surface creates a real paper feel, and the only difference will have to be that you don't need a real pen to write on it. A digital pen comes with the entire device.

Unlike the full HD screen for most tablets, this digital paper comes with a low-glare paper-like texture as the screen allows for more comfortable reading. You get to enjoy up to 16GB of internal storage where all your writing records go before you transfer them to your PC. This device comes with a digital paper application for easy transfer between the device and your PC for easier transfer experience. This application works great for Macs and Windows operating systems.

Perhaps, the most interesting part of this device is that you will experience a long-lasting battery life. All you need to do is just charge for five and a half hours, and this device will stay serving you for as long as one whole week. It also comes with Wi-Fi connection features, Bluetooth, and a USB port for easy connection.

Pros and Benefits

  •  Long-lasting battery life
  • 16GB internal storage capacity
  • Easy to transfer files
  • Low-glare display with paper-like writing surface

6. Lenovo Yoga Book 10.1-Inch Android Tablet

Catch a glimpse of the future by investing in this to-in-one android tablet that comes with some of the most amazing features you can ever think. One of these very cool features is the Halo keyboard that is so digitalized that it comes on when you need it and vanishes when you are no longer using it. Hence, this android tablet can serve as both a PC as well as your regular tablet. It is fully furnished with 360-degree hinges that slide the Halo keyboard back when not in use.

Furthermore, the 10.1-Inch screen is what a powerful full HD screen should be. The screen is super clear and ideal for all uses from multimedia purposes, gaming purposes, and sketching purposes. Your idea will come to life when you write on the screen as the pen gives you the feel of a “real pen on a real paper” feel that is just effortlessly satisfying.

This super sleek android tablet comes with a 64GB SSD hard drive that allows you to save as many things as you want. When fully charged, this device can last for as long as fifteen hours, which is more than what most note-taking tablets will offer you. You will also enjoy a 2MP rear camera.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easily convertible android tablet
  • Halo keyboard with a flexible pen
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Amazing battery life

7. Moleskine Smart Writing Set Pen & Dotted Smart Notebook

Create magic whenever you use this notebook. You no longer have to make notes and then look for ways to convert them into PDFs before you can use them on your phones or PCs. This particular notebook transfers everything written directly into your phone. You may wonder how this works, but the whole idea is basic.

All you have to do is download the usable software that is compatible with this device. With the code technology designed with the pen that comes with this note, any mark you make on the notebook automatically appears on the notebook's software version already installed on your phone. The good news is that the application is compatible with both android and apple devices.

The ink of the pen is refillable, and the papers of the notebook are real papers. Hence, you enjoy the flexibility that comes with traditional writing but a hint of ease that technology brings. Furthermore, this device recognizes up to fifteen languages, and the pen is USB rechargeable.

Pros and Benefits

  • Very lightweight
  • Comes with voice recording features
  • Easy to use and compatible with all operating system
  • Easy to transfer

Best Tablets for Taking Notes - What Features to Look?

Unlike buying a tablet for just gaming purposes, buying a tablet for taking notes can be very tricky.  It is no longer about just the screen resolutions alone. Most importantly, you have to watch out for the responsiveness of your screen. Your screen could be full HD and yet not responsive enough to give you that sleek writing experience. Hence, be particular about how responsive the pen is with the screen when you try to write with it.

It is also unreasonable to be in the middle of taking notes, and then you have to lose your data because your battery became suddenly flat. Hence, you will need to ensure that the battery life of any tablet device you choose to buy is great. A minimum of eight hours will be a great start.

Furthermore, getting a tablet that doesn't require a separate battery for its pen, or a separate charging requirement, is a great feature. However, you could see devices with amazing features with this kind of battery. It is fine too but for easier use, getting a pen that is made to work without any additional requirement is ideal for effortless note-taking.


Also, getting yourself a tablet with other awesome features such as a cool camera, amazing internal storage space, and very lightweight is just a great idea. However, to save yourself this stress of scrutinizing features and selecting what you think is the best, you may choose from these reviewed best tablets for taking notes.

We have reviewed seven amazing devices that cut across many budgets. Hence, there is always one of these seven that you can afford. We make it a point of duty to always have something for everyone, and with our team of experts who have carefully selected these devices, you sure wouldn't be investing in the wrong device.

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