Top 6 Best Tablets For Video Calls in 2021 – Conference, Facetime, Zoom

We all want to stay updated with our loved ones. One way of accomplishing it is by having a reliable tablet that you can use. Right now there are lots of tablets that are available in the market.

They have lots of features and functionalities that is why buying can be a daunting task. So we will help you with that, by tackling the best tablets for video calls.

Top 6 Best Tablets For Video Calls

1. New Apple iPad Pro 256GB - Best Recommended

Apple has proven their worth when it comes to manufacturing great tablets. They are considered a premium brand. They have great fan-based throughout the world. This is a manifestation that they have exceeded the expectations of their buyers. Just like this, iPad Pro 4th generation as it contains all the latest features and great HD cameras that are the best for video calls. Along with that are added functionalities that you’ll love making your user-experience much better.

Key Features + Pros:

  • HD graphics: This iPad has a 12.9-inch liquid retina display with ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color for crystal clear graphics.
  • High performance: The A12Z Bionic chip is the one responsible for the iPad not to experience lags even when multi-tasking.
  • Advanced cameras: It has advanced cameras specifically 12 and 10 megapixels on the rear and front both have a wide perspective with true depth feature on the front camera.
  • Extraordinary audio: The studio type speakers integrated on this tablet is superb. It has 4 speakers and a 5-way microphone for better user-experience in video chatting.


  • It is pricey but it is understandable because of the premium quality features that it has.

2. Fire 7 tablet 7-inch - Best for Facetime

If you are on a budget while looking for a tablet for video calling and still would want to get the best of both worlds then this is for you. Amazon has never failed to give products that are both designed for functionality and affordability. So if you have an extremely limited budget and can’t afford to spend too much for a tablet then this Fire 7 tablet with a 7-inch display is definitely for you. You’ll surely never fall short in terms of performance because it also has decent specifications. Some consider this as the best tablet for facetime.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Super portable: It is only a little more than 7 inches which makes it easier to bring anywhere you go and easy to store as well.
  • IPS display: It gives a high-definition crystal clear graphic display for better satisfaction while you are having your video calls.
  • Hands-free capability: You can use the hands-free capability to issue voice commands to help you control the tablet as you wish.
  • Speedy processing: The 1.3 GHz quad-core processor makes the experience of the user lag-free and more desirable.
  • 720 HD video recording: This makes your footage on every video calling and conference clear and viewable to your audience.
  • Strong wireless connection: The dual band Wi-Fi will allow you to enjoy quick speeds when pairing devices and connecting to the internet.


  • Compared to its counterparts, the 7 hours battery life is below average.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32 GB - Best tablet for zoom

Samsung has proven its worth in the world of technology, particularly in tablets and smartphones. They look great in and out as they are using the best chipsets that are built for performance and durability. One great example is their Galaxy Tab A. It is crafted with the best components that are enclosed in a 10-inch casing.  The sleek black color makes it look good as well. Let us try to dig deeper into it by discussing its key features and advantages. If you are looking for the best tablet for zoom then this one might be the perfect one for you.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Dolby surrounds audio: This is proven to produce high-quality sounds which are perfect if you want to have a more satisfying voice and video calls. Or even listen to your favorite playlists and watching movies.
  • Extended memory capable: It can handle up to 512 GB of internal storage. This gives you the power to store a lot of files inside the tablet.
  • Minimal bezel: The 10.1-inch screen with minimal bezel will give you a maximum viewing of what’s on the screen giving you a lot of freedom for touch as well.
  • Long battery life: You can use this tablet continuously for 10 hours straight on every single charge.
  • Amazing design: The casing has a metallic-finish and great shape which makes it so attractive to look at.


  • There is no auto-brightness sensor

4. VANKYO MatrixPad S30 10”

For Android enthusiasts, they would want to make the most out of the tablet. One specific component that they are looking for is the processor. It must be topnotch to satisfy them in terms of speed. So if you are looking for a decent tablet that is portable and at the same time more than enough to use for a video call, then this is for you. There is no doubt that this Vankyo MatrixPad is made for multipurpose use giving you the best value for your money as you will get more than what you paid for.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Full HD screen: The 10.1 screen has a whopping 1920 x 1200 resolution IPS display for optimum viewing.
  • High-end cameras: It has 13 and 8-megapixel cameras integrated which will help you capture HD footages and photos which is perfect for video calling.
  • Extended battery life: The 6000 mAh battery life will allow you to enjoy 15-hour continuous usage of this tablet.
  • Incredible design: The exterior looks nice which makes it more desirable to use.
  • Storage capacity can be increased: The default size of 32 gigabytes can be increased up to 128 gigabytes.
  • GPS-capable: You can use the GPS feature of this tablet if you want to locate your next destination. This is so efficient as you can use it either online or offline.


  • The sound is a little bit low even if it is at its maximum level.

5. TabTrust Tablet 10”, 5G WiFi Tablet PC

The brand seems not familiar to a lot of people but trusts us, this brand has proven their worth in terms of quality in the tech world. TabTrust has proven its efficiency that is why a lot of Android lovers were switching to this brand. It has one of the best cameras in the industry that is why you’ll surely never go wrong with it. Just like this 10-inch tablet that is manufactured by them. It is equipped with decent features and affordability that make it a great buy.

Key Features + Pros:

  • IPS display: This is an assurance you will get crystal clear graphics running in high resolutions without difficulties. This is perfect as you can see the person you are video calling to be much clearer. It has a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 with 171 PPI.
  • Strong wireless signal: The WLAN and its protocols specifically 5g are up to date making you use the wireless capabilities of this tablet without hassles.
  • Great design: It looks sleek and incredible which will add up lots of awesomeness to your appearance when you are using it.
  • Long battery life: The 6000 mAh maximum capacity of the battery integrated on this tablet will make you use the tablet for extended periods on a single charge.
  • Expandable storage: The 16 GB default storage capacity can be increased up to 128 GB.
  • Decent camera specs: It has 5 and 2 MP of cameras in the rear and front.


  • Playstore app is prone to faults which might be a software issue.

6. 10" Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim Tablet

Windows operating system on tablets is getting popular nowadays. This gives people a PC-like feel while they are using a tablet. It is perfect for individuals who are well acquainted with using PCs compared to tablets and smartphones which uses either Android or Mac OS. So if you are that type of person then this Fusion5 tablet is specially made right for you. It also has decent camera specifications which make it great to use for video calls.

Key Features + Pros:

  • Warranty: It has a 1-year full warranty in case there are issues with the item. This will keep you protected from such scenarios.
  • Super portable: The ultra-slim design of this tablet is perfect if you want to always bring it anywhere you go. This makes it easier to carry and store in tight spaces.
  • User-friendly: It is easy to use and will not give you a hard time understanding how it operates even if it is your first time using a tablet.
  • Great performance: The Intel Quad-core processor and 4 GB memory are the ones responsible for the lag-free experience that you’ll get from this tablet.
  • Quick charging and transfer speed: The USB 3.0 will speed up everything from charging up to transferring of files.
  • Strong wireless capability: It has a Bluetooth 4.0 and reliable WLAN card that will make wireless connections truly excellent.


  • The touchscreen is pretty sensitive.

Best Tablets For Video Calls – Things to Consider

When it comes to tablets that you plan to use for video calls, there are several factors to consider. Let us try to enumerate them one by one below.

High-quality cameras

This is self-explanatory if you would want to have the best user experience while doing some video calls. Then be sure that you have high-quality cameras integrated on your tablet. This will make your output non-blurry which will result in much better conversations over the video call.

Clear audio

It is useless if you have good video quality without clear audio. It must work both sideways just like the audio system of your tablet which is the speaker and microphone. Having clear audio will allow you to understand the conversation in a much better way.

Responsive touch panel

It is best if the tablet that you will buy responds well to touch. It will make your user-experience hassle-free and much comfortable when you are operating the tablet.


Know how much money you would want to spend on a tablet. Always remember that most of the time the higher the budget that you put in will give you a better product.

Battery life

No one wants to use a tablet that is not long-lasting in terms of standby time. The longer the tablet can be used is always more desirable to have. So it is important to consider buying the ones with high mAh (The unit of measure used to determine the max battery life)


You’ll get the most out of your money if you will have a tablet that does not wear out easily. So you must consider buying a tablet that you can use in the long run.


We have finished tackling this topic about the best tablet for video conferencing by discussing the list of top tablets and the factors that you need to look for when buying one. It is now time to choose among the list.

There is no doubt that the Apple iPad Pro 12.9”, 256GBis our top pick. It is reliable, loaded with features, and stylish. However, it is pricey when it comes to that if you are currently on a budget, why not go for the Fire 7 tablet. It is the best of its kind. This tablet is affordable yet will provide you the satisfaction that you need for video calling.

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